Hostinger Web Hosting Reviews – Is it Worth Spending Money on it?

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You’ve come to the perfect place to learn everything there is to know about Hostinger, including their deals, features, and benefits, as well as the most important question: Is it really worth using? Hostinger is one of the most economical web hosting service providers, with plans that include a free domain name. Today we will discuss Hostinger Web Hosting Reviews – Is it Worth Spending Money on It?


Hostinger, founded in 2004 as ‘Hosting media,’ has grown to become a well-known web hosting provider. It has over 29 million clients and a daily average of 20,000 new users sign up – around one new customer every five seconds. It operates from offices all across the world.

The corporate website does not try to sell its services by mentioning ‘value’ products or a ‘budget’ selection. It goes right to the point: Hostinger is all about ‘low-cost web hosting.’

The company is headquartered in Lithuania and employs approximately 250 people. In addition, Hostinger maintains some overseas offices as well as a large team of remote workers to ensure that Hostinger services and support are always available and responsive. As a result, Hostinger can provide live chat help around the clock and a 99.9% service uptime guarantee.

You’ll get a slew of features and perks to help you run a seamless WordPress blog or website.

They appear to be offering exceptional features. So, to discover more about them, let’s go over all they have below for specifics.

Hostinger Web Hosting Reviews: Is it Worth it?

Let’s go over the Hostinger features and perks you’ll receive after signing up:


What will you do if you need a website?

If you purchase web hosting and a domain name, it will cost you between $50 and $80 per year, depending on the quality of the web hosting. A domain registration usually costs $8 to $15 per year, while hosting costs $2 to $10 per month. Consider getting site hosting for about $2.15 per month, but you must commit to a three-year contract.


There is a free domain name accessible in higher plans, but the basic one only includes a free sub-domain. Hostinger’s Premium and Business plans include free domain registration. Although this is not a new concept, every good host offers a similar deal when purchasing web hosting on a yearly basis.

A premium hosting package costs about $3.49 per month for a three-year membership, which is fairly reasonable. Remember that they only offer free registration,.net,.info, domains, but it’s still a terrific way to get a free website name.


Isn’t it pointless if your website has good content but ranks low in comparison to competitors? When selecting a hosting business, one of the most important elements to consider is server uptime. Server downtime happened, and I’ve had it with the bulk of the web hosting businesses I’ve used.

However, you need not be concerned because downtime is brief and tolerable. Remember one thing: you must purchase web hosting from a provider that guarantees maximum server time.


However, many customers who use a free account to host their website claim frequent downtimes. But keep in mind that this is a free service, and excellence costs money. Because there may be constraints when using free services, Hostinger has fantastic servers that ensure 99.9% uptime for all packages.

Site Builder and Control Panel

Hostinger employs a bespoke control panel that has been simplified to allow you to simply administer your website. Even a novice may use it, and all potential functions are provided, including information about bandwidth, DNS records, Email accounts, CPU and storage consumption, and so on.

It is simple to set up sub-domains, databases, and park domains. cPanel includes various other functions such as database and email account management, file managers, FTP accounts, and an IP blocker.

Over 2 million websites have already been created using Hostinger’s free Zyro tool. Customers’ hosting account management panels can activate the drag-and-drop interface with a single click.


They offer hundreds of CMS programmes with one-click auto install functionality, such as Joomla and WordPress. As a result, newbies may install WordPress in 2 minutes using the One-Click installer.

There are hundreds of free templates that may be altered with the Zyro drag and drop builder. Following that, Zyro’s WYSIWYG platform walks users through the process of adding and changing text, arranging navigational menus, and managing SEO settings. While some drag-and-drop editors can make adding and aligning objects extremely difficult, Zyro helps users with photos, text boxes, and other elements snap to a grid, ensuring your design has the best impact.

Customer Service

The major means of contact customer help that is appropriate for web hosting are Live Chat and Ticketing System.


It’s quick, and live chat is a good way to interact with the technical team as soon as you encounter a problem. Customer service can be reached at any time because they provide 24/7 email assistance and immediate live chat.


Furthermore, their email response speed is outstanding, since they react really promptly. They respond within a few minutes to a couple of hours to resolve your difficulties as soon as feasible.

There is also a knowledgeable library with feature articles, troubleshooting manuals, and other technical material related to hosting concerns.

When companies scale to a worldwide size and client base, the quality and responsiveness of hosting service teams often suffer, but not at Hostinger. People found its live chat representatives to be responsive, knowledgeable, and quite helpful.

Hostinger’s lesson library ranges from basic directions for novices starting a blog on WordPress to skilled developers configuring Docker and utilising the WordPress API.


Customers can access a wealth of additional information in the company’s well-organized knowledgebase or by creating an online ticket. With Hostinger workers located all over the world, someone is always awake and ready to answer your questions.

Registration of Domain Names

Hostinger is an ICANN-approved domain registrar from whom you can purchase a domain extension for as little as $9.99, $8.99, and $11.99

When compared to many other registrars, the pricing of the.Com TLD looks to be substantially lower. They are the cheapest domain registrar, in my opinion.

Are you looking for another extension? Then you may get domain name for only $0.99 per year.


Although the first domain name registration is free for people who sign up for Business shared hosting plans or yearly Premium, Hostinger makes additional registrations quite reasonable. Names endings cost less than $10 per year, domains cost around $12 per year.

Customers of the two higher shared hosting plans can additionally benefit from limitless subdomains and parked domains, making it simple to build a powerful portfolio of web properties.

Hostinger’s management panel makes it exceedingly simple to move previously purchased domains to your new account.

Pricing and Plans for Hostinger

This web hosting company offers practically every sort of web hosting, including shared, VPS, cloud, and WordPress hosting services. All plans are subdivided into sub-plans, such as Cloud VPS hosting, which has six different plans, and the shared package, which contains Single, Premium, and Business.

You will receive affordable and low-cost WordPress hosting with a variety of features such as unmetered hosting, free domain, custom Cpanel, unlimited bandwidth, and so on. You can find clear information about plans and prices for all plans here.

Packages for Shared Web Hosting

As previously said, this one is divided into three plans: Single, Premium, and Business. With the “Starter” plan, you’ll get a free domain name, 100 GB of bandwidth, 10 GB of storage, premium technical support, and one Email account, among other things. It enables you to host a single website.

You must upgrade to the Premium or Business subscription to gain unmetered bandwidth and data storage. If you only want to work on Hostinger, the “Single” plan is a perfect alternative, and you will only have to spend a few dollars each month.


DNS Management, auto installer scripts, Website builder, Weekly backups (Business plan), Email account manager, Domain redirection, and FTP account are all included in all packages. As a result, you will have all you need to run a website efficiently. In addition to the Single plan, you will receive SSD-based hosting storage, which will improve the speed of your site.

So, if you want a FREE SSL certificate, double performance, daily backups, WordPress optimised speed, and Deluxe support, you should select the “Business” option. It also offers unlimited domain hosting and SSD hosting. You will have the ability to establish an unlimited number of email accounts, databases, and FTP users.

Plans for WordPress Hosting

Their WordPress website plans are equal to shared plans but offer certain distinctive features such as SSH enabled, WP-CLI, and optimised for speed. Aside from that, practically everything is the same.

Customers will receive infinite features, excellent hardware, and above-average security programmes for less than $5 per month. Users will be prompted if they wish to install WordPress immediately after logging into the account management page when creating a new hosting account.


Hostinger performs an excellent job of simplifying the installation and setup process for even the most inexperienced website owners.

Along with the faster storage on solid-state drives, Hostinger’s top two shared plans are optimised for WordPress by enhancing web page load performance by three to five times over the base package.

Plans for VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers six Cloud VPS hosting options from which to choose based on your needs. Prices are extremely reasonable when compared to the features they provide. They use cutting-edge technologies, such as SSD drives, to provide stable and dependable assistance.

Another excellent feature is enterprise data backup, which allows you to retrieve data at any moment. Consider the advantages of VPS hosting as well.

Furthermore, there are other OS variants available that allow you to run applications that is not available on the shared hosting plan.

Hostinger offers IPv6, IPv4, RAID protection, a Xeon CPU, complete root access, real-time use data, and a network analytics graph. Furthermore, they include a dedicated IP address with every VPS hosting package.


Cloud Hosting Packages

They offer cloud hosting that is equivalent to VPS. As a result, there isn’t a significant difference. They provide economical cloud server options so that you may enjoy increased server performance and speed without spending exorbitant prices. Check out the image below for costs and all of the characteristics you’ll get with each package.


Email Tools That Are Both Simple and Comprehensive

Customers who sign up for either of the top two shared hosting plans get unlimited email accounts for free. From the Cpanel, website owners may quickly manage accounts as well as use webmail and other email functions.

Email features include the ability to configure email sending and autoresponders, as well as alter mail exchanger data. Administrators could enable or stop Sendmail, SMTP, and POP3/IMAP services for their accounts.

The option to forward all emails sent to a customer’s domain, regardless of whether the email account exists, is one of the most interesting email capabilities Hostinger provides. Catch-all emails handle misspelt addresses and ensure that users do not miss a single message.

Gateways for payments

You can pay for hosting services using a variety of options, including Visa Card, Paypal, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Amex, Maestro, and JCB, among others.

Ease of Use


Operating a hosting account is one of the most unpleasant aspects of owning and operating a website. Each host has a unique portal through which clients can manage their billing information and hosting subscriptions. And each organisation has its own layout, access levels, and services. In addition to cPanel, clients frequently have difficulty determining where to look to complete specific tasks.

Not the case with Hostinger. The company has created a well-known administrative interface that consolidates all hosting services into a single, easily accessible, and user-friendly bundle. Although cPanel is considered the gold standard, we found it unnecessary when testing the Hostinger services.

Refund Policy: 30 Days

Hostinger offers capabilities that are available from all top hosting services like as SiteGround, BlueHost, and InMotion at very reasonable costs.

When comparing Hostinger to BlueHost, you’ll notice that BlueHost is very comparable to Hostinger, and both firms have millions of clients worldwide and a high reputation.


Hostinger is a low-cost hosting service that includes everything needed to run a successful WordPress blog or website. To gain clients’ trust, they continue to give the industry standard 30-day money-back guarantee. You could request the refund at any time throughout these days without fear of losing money.


This is an important component of this Hostinger Review: Is it safe to use?

Actually, when you compare rates, storage, perks, and features with other businesses, Hostinger offers a wide range of goods at competitive costs.

When compared to other brands, it appears that Hostinger gives adequate benefits and features at significantly reduced pricing. To receive the maximum savings, you must sign up for at least a three-year hosting plan. However, this is standard for hosting, and practically every host employs this marketing tactic that allows you to save money while increasing your profit. You can also read my previous article on Bluehost reviews.

Those who intend to keep the website for an extended period of time should choose a 3-year plan to save more money. At the same time, you might choose for a yearly plan, which I do not recommend because it does not include a free domain name. In any instance, you will receive high-quality hosting with limited features at a low rate.



Despite the fact that over 29 million people globally trust Hostinger to deliver dependable and high-performing services and support, the company lacks the name recognition of other well-known and US-based hosting companies.

Nonetheless, Hostinger provides round-the-clock support, SSD-powered hosting, and affordable domain name registrations on par with the finest.

We wholeheartedly recommend Hostinger to prospective customers looking for an off-the-beaten-path option. Especially when combined with the company’s amazing control panel.

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