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A Handful of Fresh Advice By A Newbie Mom

Becoming parents is indeed blissful. The pregnancy journey starts with all do’s, and dont’s pouring in from all sides. I would like to share some pre and postnatal advice based on my experience, which may be worth looking at.

Prenatal Advice

1) Eat right throughout your pregnancy. Have coconut water to maintain electrolytes balance. Think about a small baby dependent on you for her diet. In the last trimester of my pregnancy, I was told by a gynecologist that the baby was IUGR and my water level was low. I ate right and took plenty of fluids.

2) When going for a cesarean, try to reach at least 37 weeks of pregnancy. Children born before mostly end up in NICU for some days and may also have health issues.

3) Always try to find a doctor who is known to perform normal delivery. After all, normal is always better.

4) Do some shopping in advance for your baby. Buy 5-6 soft cotton full sleeves top, which is front open, and pajamas for your newborn. Buy exact size 0-1 as others don’t fit well. You can buy bigger clothes later. Zero brand clothes are good for newborns. Buy diapers of size XS with a good count. Diapers would be much needed at the hospital. After going through some of the diaper brands, I found pampers to be the best.

5) Shirt style top and Kurtis can be worn in and after pregnancy. It’s easier to nurse a baby by opening top buttons.

Postnatal Advice

1) Sunlight is very much necessary for your newborn. Ask people around you to show sunlight to prevent the baby from Jaundice.

2) Breastfeed is very much necessary. When you are at the hospital, try to breastfeed as much as possible. Ask for help from nurses and lactation experts to see if your baby is latching correctly. Initially, you would not feel any milk coming then to try to feed every now and then. It takes some days to see actual milk flowing. Your milk supply depends on how much your baby is sucking. All you need to do is let the baby suck. Nipples hurt initially when the baby sucks, but it heals afterward. Have patience. To soothe nipples, you can buy nipple butter.

3) During your hospital stay, ask for a top-feed for the baby if you think your baby is hungry. You may feel that your supply is low; do not hesitate to ask for formula milk as babies’ hunger must be satisfied.

4) After coming back from the hospital, limit the number of visitors in your room. You would require much privacy to feed and calm your baby. Trust me; feeding is really tough initially. Babies are susceptible to smells. Make sure your room is away from the kitchen or close it when anyone is making meals. The room should be airy and well-lit.

5) Hydration is very important for milk supply. Drink plenty of fluids. Try lactation granules if your milk supply is low.

6) Overthinking chimes in post-pregnancy. Keep calm and think only about feeding your baby?

7) Eat more and good than usual and do not think about your weight.

Every pregnancy is different. May these bits of advice from a mother be helpful to another mother.

Happy parenting!!!

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    Good motivation for new parents . Happy parenting

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