Pregnancy Bonding With Unborn Baby

It is said that mommy and baby start bonding from the duration of the pregnancy period. Well, I experienced it so well, and I am forever grateful to God for giving me this amazing time.

I was diagnosed with PCOD, and so we decided to plan for a child without any delay. It was not that I prayed for the child so hard and that I crave for it so bad. But it was the time we wanted to have a baby and start our family.

But, before we go on a medication, we gave a try to conceive naturally. And to our surprise, I conceived in just 20 days!

But on the 3rd day, when I was working in my lab, I sensed something that shook me within. I was bleeding, I rushed immediately to my gynaec, and oh well, he advised me for 3 months of bed rest. I was having placenta previa.

I have always loved working, and thus I never took a break from my studies and work! This was the first time I was on rest for 3 months! Thanks to the baby!!

Initially, I bled once a week; then, it was 3 to 4 times a week.

It got worse when I bled like hell one day and rushed to the hospital immediately. That’s when I got a thought; I may return home alone. I may lose the baby. It was a feeling I can never forget.

I told myself to stay positive and strong. We spent 2 days at the hospital and came back with some life lessons. I learned to stay positive, I learned never to give up, and since then, I teach my little one the same.

I used to tell him every day how strong he strong his mum is..that gets well soon fast so that mommy can go back to work and finish her research sooner. And I stopped bleeding before 3 months!

Again, it was a hard decision about going to work as my workplace is in a different town, two hours car drive from home. So we decided to move to the town of my workplace. I never bled after that; I stayed so fit and well that I enjoyed my pregnancy so much.

What I experienced was the most beautiful thing. I felt that my baby could sense my intentions; he was so understanding that he could get me every time, maybe because I talked to him from day one, without skipping a single day, and even wrote him a diary that I will give him once he is grown up.

Talk to your baby, don’t miss a single chance to connect with your little one throughout the pregnancy period.

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  1. Kinjal Dipesh Pandya says:

    That’s Wonderful!?❤️❤️❤️

    1. Rucha Raval says:

      Thank You Kinjal Dipesh Pandya ❤

  2. ARSHI KAZI says:

    It’s an inspirational cum optimistic anecdote! You are really very strong Dr. Rucha Raval Pathak! Cheers to your spirit???

    1. Rucha Raval says:

      Thank You So Much Arshi.
      Your Words Are So Motivating. ❤

  3. Sonal Mistry says:

    That was so brave of you ❤️? keep shining dear. All the very best.I so loved that page of your dairy which you have sent to me,still have that photograph in my old phone.? Love you. Keep up the good work ???

  4. Sonal Mistry says:

    That was so brave of you ❤️All the very best.I so loved that page of your dairy which you have sent to me,still have that photograph in my old phone.? Love you.Keep up the good work ???

    1. Rucha Raval says:

      Aww.. That’s so sweet of you Sonal.
      Thank You so much ❤❤❤

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