I Know I’m Not A Perfect Mom But I Will Never Give Up

When my daughter was born, she came with no instructions; it’s hard to understand a newborn when you are a first-time mom.

People pilled lots and lots of gyaan on me, and while choosing which is right or which is wrong, I made a lot of mistakes long way, for that and I keep saying sorry to my baby.

I’m far from being a perfect mom, but I have always done my best I could.

Yes, I left my baby in diapers for a full day, screamed at my baby when she was just 1.5 months because of my postpartum hormones.

I also have those days when I just want to quit, but it’s okay because, in the end, no one could love more than a parent.

Mistakes I have made come from a lack of understanding, not because of a lack of love. ❤️

Sometimes I miss the old version of “ME,” But then I look into her eyes, and when she gives me that wink, all my dreams come true.

The journey from women to moms is not easy, but I believe being a mom is like having a supernatural power that turns you Into an amazing mom.

Well, I’m not a perfect mom, but yes, try. I will keep trying to be the best one till my last breath. ❤️

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  1. Rumana Perween says:

    Nicely written…Can corelate with this…Much love to both of you

  2. Rumana Perween says:

    Beautifully written …Can corelate..Much love to both of u

  3. Ridhima says:

    Very well articulated

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