Chapter 2 : Failures Embraced, Never To Be Disgraced

“If you win, you have got a chance here, my love, and if you don’t, this is your emergency exit, but in both situations, I’ll be by your side.”

Failures: Indeed, To Be Appreciated

Though challenging, I, as a mom, believe that success may or may not be pampered as it has its own flavour, but appreciating failures is more desirable. To regain the lost confidence, get motivation, get back in the race, and fight back with the same or rather more vital strength, failures need to be pampered. In addition, appreciative pampering sessions can help people believe in themselves.

My mother would always say, “Don’t worry. I believe in your calibre.” She said this frequently, and today, I convey the same to my children.

Love, affection and trust help instil trust in oneself. It’s just like the two-way theory. The one who believes in trying can force the world to believe his calibre, and one who is trusted and pampered well is always ready to explore life and the world.

My mother’s words worked like magic for me. Parenting is to show them both the faces of a coin. The one with victory shouldn’t be unfairly glorified; instead, one should be mentally prepared to accept both; failure and success equally.

Current Scenario: Unimportant Value Of Life

In recent years suicidal thoughts and tendencies, depression, anxiety, etc., are the common man’s world. We see school kids and teenagers are suffering from such things.

Are they getting appropriate guidance??? Should they prioritize a certificate, a trophy, an exam ….and long goes the list, above their own life??? The success, competitions, competitive spirits, 98 per cent…. 99 per cent…. Toppers…. etc., sounds good… right, but are these really good?

These are glorious words, and yes, I agree that this sounds great. No doubts. But do they really sound the same for all aspirants/candidates/individuals? I guess a big no. When it’s our own, it feels great. I have seen parents and others celebrating even the little achievements with huge pomp and show. But have we ever thought about how much all this pressurize the one’s who have not been able to achieve the same (maybe due to many reasons)?

The one’s who have worked hard and failed…. Aren’t they compared and contrasted? The pressure…pressure to stand first… to secure better grades and ranks…blah …blah…blah …is forcing them to consider these meagre results more important than their own self and yes, then they decide to quit or step back or end life.

Come On: Let’s Embrace The Youth

It’s important to understand the need of bringing a revolution. Once and for all, let’s celebrate failures. Come on, let’s tell the youth,” It’s ok to just pass it out. It’s ok to take another chance. You to us value more than all these results and societal taboos. Let’s break the mindsets.”

  • Tight hugs with the words,” It’s not your fault.”
  • Guarantee of love and respect (no matter what the circumstances are)
  • Stop unnecessary glorifications
  • Inform them of the result of failure and success equally
  • Help them trust their calibre and their environment
  • They already have a lot of friends; better try to be their parents, mentors, guides
  • Embrace them towards sound sleep and a calm and peaceful mind
  • Enchant them with happiness and contentment

To build up a positive attitude to life, we must not always predict the celebration of success like, “If you get this many grades, I will get you this and that….”. No, instead, prepare them for both the consequences and results. “If you win, you have got a chance here, my love, and if you don’t, this is your emergency exit, but in both situations, I’ll be by your side” doesn’t this sound better.

Failures Embraced Should Be,

Never To Be Disgraced.

As You Can Surely Learn

Something Important From Your Mistakes.

There’s Always A New Light,

There’s Always A New Hope,

The Sun Is Always Bright

After Clouds, Rain and Dawn.

Stay Positive

And Only That’ Your Test

To God And Your Hard Work

Let’s Leave The Rest.

Ritu Goel

Hi, I'm Ritu Raj, and I've journeyed through life's ups and downs with resilience and determination. Growing up in a traditional middle-class family, I faced the pressures of societal norms and family expectations. Despite the challenges, I pursued my passion for education, even amidst early marriage and motherhood. Through it all, I refused to let circumstances define me. Today, I'm proud to be an educator, inspiring students locally and globally with my unwavering dedication. My story is proof that with perseverance and self-belief, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our dreams.

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