Finding My Own Way

I Missed My Mother’s Guidance While Finding My Own Way as a New Mom!

I am Puneetha Harish, mom to an 8-year-old boy and currently expecting my second baby. When I was just 23 years old and pregnant with my first child, I was excited but the real challenges were just beginning. Becoming a mom means everything is new – new phases, body changes, and definitely feeling weak.

In my family, my mother-in-law used to constantly compare me to others regarding eating habits, household chores, and so many things. It made me feel weak mentally and physically. Not having my own mom around, who had passed away years ago, was really difficult. I didn’t have her to take care of me during this crucial time. I held on with patience, but crying became my only outlet for all the sadness. I cried a lot during that first pregnancy due to the many taunts, advice, blames and perceived mistakes from others.

Tackling everything was the biggest challenge – the household duties, taking care of myself, facing numerous ups and downs with my health. It all felt like a huge responsibility. Not being financially independent and having to depend on my family added immense stress. I compromised on so many of my needs and just didn’t voice what I wanted, waiting patiently instead.

My entire 9 months went by in these same difficult situations. After giving birth to my baby boy via C-section due to high blood pressure, I was proud but knew I had to face more criticism from relatives and family about having a C-section. They would say “Why did you let it get to this point? Facing health issues is your mistake.” I can’t really blame them for speaking that way.

Still, I persevered through the sleepless nights missing my mom, the post-pregnancy care from relatives, and all their unwanted advice, long lectures, and scoldings. I stayed strong because I was a mom now and had to handle everything. Seeing my baby’s smile and living for him gave me strength. Singing was my love, so I sang to him to keep myself happy.

I decided to start an influencer journey to empower women like myself. I took online training from mentors on entrepreneurship and other topics. I started making reels on things I experienced as a woman, aiming to impact and uplift others. Creating new things, learning – as a mom I have to keep evolving to make my child happy and help him learn too. His journey from infant to child is not just his, it’s a new phase for me as well.

As a middle-class woman in a joint family, I face new challenges every single day. More lessons, more new phases. But I love creating videos, learning, focusing on quality education, classical dance and music which is part of my daily routine to learn and connect with others.

Now becoming a mom again, I have the same challenges but I’m trying to handle it positively. With 8 family members, taking care of myself while being financially strong is a responsibility again.

I know whatever my family says, even if it’s criticism, they support me when I need it. Every part of life teaches me lessons to become stronger. I’m grateful for my friends and close ones who supported me when I felt down.

I’m going to be a mom of two kids now. I know I am strong and I will achieve my dreams. Learning and evolving makes me positive about myself. Thank you Momyhood for this opportunity to share my journey.

To all the moms out there facing similar challenges, I want you to know that you are not alone. The path of motherhood is filled with ups and downs, criticisms and doubts from others. But you need to find that inner strength that comes from loving your child unconditionally.

When the nights feel endless and the remarks cut deep, look into your baby’s eyes and find renewed purpose. Their smile has the power to energize you like nothing else. Lean on loved ones when you can, but ultimately the resilience has to come from within.

Don’t be afraid to carve your own path, to pursue your passions alongside motherhood. We are multidimensional beings and reaching for our dreams can only set a positive example for our children.

So keep grinding, keep believing in yourself. Self-care, financial independence, continued learning – prioritize these for your own growth and empowerment. The challenges will not disappear, but how you face them will shape your child’s perception of what it means to be a mother.

You are a warrior, fierce and unstoppable. Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. Stay positive, seek support, and know that better days lie ahead. We’ve got this, one step at a time.

I am strong, you are strong, we are a tribe of mothers blazing new trails. Let’s nurture the next generation through our resilience and determination. The journey is tough, but the reward is something truly special.

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  1. Maahi says:

    You really are inspiring many ladies out there through your content and this blog is beautiful and I hope it reaches many more women and empower them.

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