Recycle, Reduce, Reuse- The three R’s to raise an environmental friendly child

Cultivating environmental awareness in kids from a very early age is very important. Kids are the future, hence raising a child who is aware of the environment is good for the health of the planet.

It is said that the three R’s, which are reduced, reuse, and recycle should be taught to a child in school as well as at home.

Here are few small steps that can be taken to help children understand their environment better:

1. Talking to children and telling them what we as parents are doing to protect the environment can help them understand better.

2. A separate bin can be made at home and the child can be taught about what is “recycling trash”. Pictures can be shown to the child on which trash items can be recycled and what can be made with it. Then let the child identify and throw the recycling trash materials in the bin. This activity will give them a practical understanding.

3. Make a small balcony or terrace garden and help the child plant some seeds. Let them water it every day and show them the process of how a plant is born. Some vegetable or fruit plants can be planted by the child and then you can discuss the importance of homegrown veggies and fruits with the child.

4. Many communities involve kids in litter picking activities every weekend. If you know such groups, then you can send your child for the weekend activities. This will help the child understand that litter should go into the dustbin and not on the streets.

5. While playing in the garden, you can expose your child to insects and birds and tell them how important it is to keep the environment clean to protect small beings.

6. On youtube show your child videos of global warming and what global warming can cause. Then explain the concept of how global warming is caused and what can be done to protect the planet earth.

7. Teach the child the importance of water and show pictures and videos which show how water is not to be wasted. You can also explain how dirtying the water bodies can be life-threatening for the water animals.

Knowing about the environment would help the child become aware of the surroundings and hence, parents should introduce a child to nature from a very early age.

EVS subject is a compulsory subject in most schools and you can explain activities in the book to your child in detail and then give them practical exposure if possible. Awareness begins at home, so let’s start today to raise eco-friendly kids.

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