“I Guess I Am The Chosen One…”

It was 18th January 2015. My father got a call from me to be a father-in-law. He asked us to immediately take the first flight to Pune and do the roka. Doctors had stepped back and my to-be mother-in-law wasn’t left with much time.

My family asked me if I wanted to reconsider my decision of getting married to him. If something happens to his mother, I would be burdened with all the family responsibilities. I would have to look after him and his father like his mother does. My grandmother warned me that there would be no looking back once I get engaged to him. But all this did not make me anxious. I told them that I’ll stand by him forever, whatever may come.

So, I with my parents left for Pune and reached directly to the hospital. Some of his family members and friends were waiting for us there. He took me to ICU. I met his mom for the first time there only. I came to know that she had lost her eyesight due to surgery. I put my hand softly on her hand which was swollen because of saline flush. I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. My husband was crying inconsolably.

I had never been in such a situation where I was out of words. Then he took out two rings and asked me to exchange them in front of his mom. We did and held her hand so that she could feel the rings. Then nurse entered the room and asked us to go out. We came out to the lobby where everyone was waiting for us to congratulate.

We left for his place to stay overnight. When we reached, he made us comfortable to leave for the hospital again.

He handed over house keys to me to lock the main gate once he had left. I felt so strange while locking the gate. Till that time, I did not even realize that I am engaged to him and now I am a member of his family. I belong to this house. I felt that his mother had chosen me to hand over her responsibilities to me.

And the next day she left us for her heavenly abode.

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  1. Ameeta says:

    Very touching

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