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NayeTrendz – Meenu’s Journey: From Engineer to Entrepreneur!

Being an Electronics Engineer by qualification and a trained instructor on GIS Programming, I worked with various top multinationals in India. However, I had always known that my true calling was somewhere else. My spouse was also working with a multinational company and we have a lovely daughter. Life seemed to be a fairytale. But at the peak of my career I suddenly went through very severe heart-related medical Issues forcing me to take a break from my career.

It was a tough time for me sitting at home dealing with health challenges. However, this forced me to try and find options that could keep me busy and my mind diverted. This difficult period made me realize that life is precious and that I needed to pursue my true passion.

It is then that I stumbled upon my true passion & life’s purpose – Clothing, Fashion & Apparels. As I delved deeper, I realized this was something I really wanted to devote my life to. Thus began the incredible journey of NayeTrendz. I started meeting real manufacturers, weavers, handloom owners and began understanding their perspectives. Instantly, I knew this was a world I wanted to be a part of and lend my name to.

Whether it was the artists creating the wonderful blocks and prints of Ajrakh or the weavers bringing to life the magic of Banarasi sarees – I was in awe. I met the talented women in Lucknow creating the most beautiful Chikankari embroidery on earth and the warm, hospitable girls in Punjab working so dedicatedly on the vibrant Phulkari textiles. This was real motivation for me to pick up my life and start this new chapter.

With no one in my family involved in business and no real training in fabrics or textiles, I made these artists my real life gurus and learnt all that I could. I started this journey in 2010 as a novice willing to learn. Today, NayeTrendz is a brand supporting these small scale manufacturers directly. By eliminating the middle men, we ensure that maximum profits are passed on to these manufacturers.

NayeTrendz has always worked on the philosophy of bring the Indian Ethnic and handlooms directly to the urban folk and play a small part in helping people fall in love with these timeless pieces of art. When I started it was only in my Whatsapp groups selling to people I knew personally. I slowly met more and more passionate women like me trying to make a difference in their own ways. I learnt from them to effectively use the Social Media like Facebook, Instagram etc to increase my reach.

None of this would have been possible without the unconditional support of my family and the overwhelming guidance from patrons, friends and fellow women entrepreneurs who went out of their way to help one another. My favorite quote that has guided me is “The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get” by Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of United States.

To all the amazing women out there, I want you to know that you are powerful beyond measure. Believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter how big they seem. If a health crisis could not stop me from pursuing my passion, then nothing can stop you. Dont be afraid to follow your passion. Have faith in your abilities and persevere. An incredible journey awaits if you open yourself to new possibilities!

Lat but not the least, I would be honored to have you join me by following @nayetrendz on Instagram. Let’s celebrate the timeless heritage of Indian crafts together!

Note from the Blog Owner:

This is an incredibly inspirational story that demonstrates how following one’s passion, perseverance, and a commitment to supporting local artisans can lead to the creation of a meaningful business venture. We are truly grateful to Meenu for sharing her remarkable journey with us.

Since it’s Women’s Month, I’d love to use my platform to promote and uplift women entrepreneurs. If you have a business you’d like me to feature, please share your journey with me through DM on my Instagram.

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