Burst The Bubble- A postpartum journey!

A would-be-mother wait for 9 months to finally get the baby in her hands and could actually touch and feel the sense of motherhood. In these 9 months, we mothers fantasize how would that moment when the baby will come out– will it be normal or C section?

What life would post the baby, how happy we will be to hold the baby in arms, what will the baby look like etc. In short, we all develop a bubble around us that life will be so good and beautiful once the baby arrives especially in the last few months when it is difficult to even breathe, walk or find a comfortable position to sleep and those endless trips to the washroom make us realise that once the baby arrives it will all be good.

And Yes it is all Worth it!! Holding your baby for the first time is Magical but nobody actually prepares you for a difficult and tiring breastfeeding journey, nobody tells you that it will take time for the body to create milk for the baby. That having those sleepless nights will make you exhausted and may sometimes take you to depression. That the experience and taunts by the visiting relatives will make you think if you are not taking care of the baby properly.

You may start to blame yourself even if a little thing goes out of place. I would recommend you, ladies, to stop blaming yourself for anything which is not in your hand. The baby has just arrived in this world he will take time to adjust and so do you as it is your new birth too as a Mother. So ignore all the thoughts that tell you are less of a Mother, just embrace the beauty of Motherhood and things will settle with time.

I would recommend all the new mommy’s to wait for a good 8-10 days for adjusting with baby and for the milk supply to increase till then formula can take care of. Just keep the things going and take care of yourself too.

A big hug to all the mothers who are facing trouble coping up with the newborn and postpartum body and depression. Keep going! Cheers!

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