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Being a Mom – A Full Time JOB!


Let us first talk about what do you mean by a Job??

According to English dictionary, JOB (a noun), refers to a piece of work, especially a specific task done as a part of one’s occupation or for an agreed price; a post of employment, a full time or a part time position.

According to BBC.co, JOB refers to a particular employment role or position, such as cook, teacher, banker, etc.; whereas work refers in a more general way to an act that one does.

Interestingly, all jobs involve work but doing work isn’t always a part of a job.

So, what do you say??

If you were to ask me, I would like to add a few things which even I wished I knew before I decided to be a mom (though it is not a decision that I ever regret)


Being a mom, is a kind of no-questions-asked thing. It is like you take up the task of raising a tiny human (for 9months inside your body and forever outside your body). You chose to be a mom and all the *Asterisks* that come along with are just clicked to be accepted (like one would do while signing up on some social medial account – Do you accept the terms and conditions and you just click OK!)

A job, may pay you monetarily, but this one pays you back in hugs and kisses; cuddles and lovely smiles.


The job description includes, bubble baths and dirty diapers; sleepy days and sleepless nights; vaccine visits and snotty wash clothes; your boss being a tiny human you’ve just pushed out of your body.

Yes! The Boss Baby rules!!

There is no scope of compromise on any of the demands of the boss or the clause of the tasks. You cannot deny any of the tasks or demands and it calls for a 24 x 7 duty attendance (even if you are a working mother- that work will be your part time work and this is a full time one).  Say for example, I am a doctor by profession (which in itself calls for a 24 x 7 commitment) but yet, I call myself a part time doctor and a full time mother!


You wish this job came with a working manual, but even the tiny human here is learning. You will be tempted (and sometimes forced by friends and family) to compare your motherhood and parenting your baby to other friends/family/ mother-in-laws methods (humare zamane me toh aise hota tha!!!).

Son you need to accept and believe that you are giving your fullest and doing your best. Never compare! Each one has their own set of challenges and they may be looking towards you as an example. Each will progress at different levels at different times. So, choose to be kind towards other Mummas.

Like in any job, if you are in your sane mind and fit body, you will have better productivity. So take care of yourselves too. Ensure that you are well rested and working with a full tummy. Believe me when I say this, you cannot work with sleepy mind and a hungry body. You will only get irritated on smallest of the things. Take some time to go for a walk, nap when your baby sleeps ( I understand there are lot many chores to be done) but some tasks can be left to tomorrow or to someone else to do.


It is always better to make peace with your colleagues (your family/friends/in-laws/parents/grandparents/etc.). Take help when offered (there is no award for doing everything yourself). Delegate the tasks that don’t need your attention (you don’t want to end up tired and frustrated because of the work load).

A few of these things shared will help you sail through the initial phase of being a new mommy and life is a learning journey. You learn more and more things as you move forward.


Further this job challenges you to work with a sane mind in sickness and in health; in good times and in bad! As the child grows, there will be different tasks you would have to do – picking and dropping from school and extra classes, doctor visits, helping them study and working on school projects together, helping them win their crush and deal with heart breaks, caring for them during exams and looking after them in sickness, selecting careers and life partners, etc etc etc…the list is endless.

And you will be doing this at all times, irrespective of your health status and your professional commitments.

So dear mommy, it is ok to put yourself first at times when you need a peace of mind. Though you are not entitled any official leaves, you can always take one for yourself without any guilt or shame.


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