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Wow! Good News? Here Are Some Tips For Your First Trimester

Sincere greetings to mums-to-be and everyone who is reading the article!! Today, I would like to share with you all how I welcomed “good news” in the midst of taking my career to a new level. And also, will share some first trimester tips to have a healthy pregnancy throughout.

We all went through a lot workwise due to this pandemic, so did I. This was when I started picking up and received a decent and lucrative job offer that called for me to move to New Delhi. Just when my husband and I were seriously thinking about this, we were taken aback by those “two red lines” one fine morning. I was expecting for the first time and was completely blank, having no idea of a new life unfurling ahead.

But, as they say, a mother sets everything aside for her little version, I thought of giving up the opportunity, but to my amazement, I was privileged to “work from home”. This came to me as a boon. My joy knew no limits. After all, it was not one, but TWO GOOD NEWS for me simultaneously.

Hereafter arises a lot of curiosity for a newly pregnant mother. Listed below are a few First trimester tips to share and how I calmed myself down and started enjoying my pregnancy.

First Trimester Tips

Immediately Make An Appointment

Your doctor is the first step towards taking good care of your baby. First things first, as soon as you get a positive result on a home pregnancy test, do not delay in visiting a gynaecologist as your body needs professional care now. Also, it is essential to choose an experienced and interactive specialist who listens to your numerous inevitable questions arising patiently, which is very common for new mothers–to–be.

Body Asks For Relaxation

So many years of hustle-bustle. It is time to take some extra time for yourself and your developing baby. It is normal to feel exhausted in first trimester or early pregnancy. No need to get harsh on your body and start doubting your capabilities. This is just a phase, and it is absolutely OK to rest more often.

Take A Quality Diet

You should always give quality preference over quantity, which applies to our food intake. Don’t just hover on stuff because you have to eat both yourself and the baby. Instead, go for a healthy diet, including the right proportion of nutrients required. To name some personally, one boiled egg, a glass of freshly prepared fruit juice (Pineapple and papaya are a big no-no), and spinach a day keep you going. Though many of you won’t feel like eating during the first trimester as your taste buds are entirely taking a toll on you still, we have to eat good food for the little one developing in the womb.

Support Yourself Well While Sitting Or Lying Down

This is one excellent remedy for those backaches and body stiffness. A nice fluffy-poufy cushion or pillow to support your back gives great relief. In fact, order those C-shaped pillows designed especially for pregnant women immediately. The link is given below. Follow correct postures and show some pampering to yourself, ladies!

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Get Some Positivity

This aspect is essential. Now that you are nurturing a new life within you welcome your child with positivity. Try to see good things going around. Get into some good reading habits, watch knowledgeable and informative shows and of course, the ones which make you laugh and happy. As for me, I bought the famous “Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible: The ultimate guide for moms-to-be” (Both Kindle and paperback versions available) and not-so-famous, but wonderful must-reads “UnSelfie” by Michele Borba and “It’s Your Baby: The INDIAN PARENT’S GUIDE to the First Two Years” by Dr Saroja Balan. You can easily purchase these books from Amazon. Links have been provided below.

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If you find peace and mind healing in Vedic chants, Phrases from “BhagvadGeeta”, go ahead. The Internet also is a good source of knowing a bigger world these days. So, research and interact using the platform. But, do not be in the virtual world always. Talk to experienced women who have given and seen many births. Share their stories and experiences.

Stay Active      

As I earlier said, rest is necessary but at the same time staying active is also very important. Follow a routine. Do not sit idle throughout the day. Go for walks. Working women can try to go easy on their job, and homemaker mummies can keep themselves busy with one thing or the other, which I am sure almost every woman in this world obviously does. Joining pre-natal yoga and parenting classes with your partner can uplift your mood and well-being, thus making both of you gear up for the upcoming member of the family. Here are some Common Pregnancy Complaints and Questions During First Trimester.

Dress Well And Show Your Bump Proudly

Pregnancy does not mean that you go into hibernation till you give birth. Instead, dress up, slay the maternity fashion, look good, flaunt the growing curves in your body, love your changing body and take pride in a mother in the making. Invest in some nice, stylish T-shirts and Shift Dresses with exciting graphics and prints. Make sure you buy larger sizes to accommodate your growing belly. Also, you can put zippers or other fasteners in the front to help you further once you give birth.

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Author’s Final Words

So, this is it from my end. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and has its own charm and cons. It’s a beautiful feeling to nurture a life within you, which will be a little replica of you and your partner. It should be enjoyed and spent well to give birth to a happy baby. Happy mothers give birth to happy babies, as they say!!! I would like to get more and more feedback and advice from all mums and mums-to-be to help others achieve a smooth pregnancy journey. Also, I feel obliged to “momyhood_2019” to share my views on their platform.

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