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Winter Skin Care Tips For Kids – Protect Your Child’s Skin in Cold Weather

It is that time of the year again when you don’t feel like coming out of your blankets, and hot things become your best friend. Not to forget the fact that one thing that is constantly under pressure to protect us from the cold is our SKIN. So, here I am sharing some winter skin care tips for kids which we must follow during the season.

Not to mention that irrespective of the season, our skin has a major role to play. It keeps the infections out of our bodies and keeps us safe from getting sick due to the cold weather. It is our duty at the same time to help our skin do its job efficiently. We should follow a good winter skin care routine as per the weather outside to help it do its work. If we take of our skin today, it would be the major reason to shine tomorrow. Following a routine skincare schedule today will help us avoid future problems like wrinkles, skin cancer, etc.

Winter is when we need to take extra care of our skin. Kids are the ones who need the utmost attention during this cold season. We may need more time to devote, but it is worth putting in the effort. Kids are more sensitive as per their age. We must follow a proper skincare regime, especially for kids, for better results in the long run.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Due to changes in the weather, the skin tends to become dry, and kids being very sensitive, are more prone to the harsh weather conditions outside. Kids tend to face problems like flaking, dry skin, cracked lips….so on. So, we need to provide the required moisture and nourishment that the skin requires during this time.

Since the climate is dry, our skin needs more moisture. Also, we need to retain the moisture that we are providing the skin as the skin tends to dry out very quickly during winters.

There are certainly some winter care tips that you need to follow for your child to keep their skin healthy and incorporate them as a daily skincare regime.

Avoid Bathing for a Long time Under a Hot Shower

We tend to spend long hours bathing the child under a hot shower, feeling that having a hot water shower will relax the child’s body. But what we neglect is the fact that bathing for a longer time under a hot shower will make the skin even drier as it tends to take away the moisture present in the skin.

Moisturize Immediately After a Bath

Since we tend to have a bath with hot water during winters, the skin loses its moisture. We need to lock in the skin’s moisture, so we must moisturize the skin immediately after a bath. Avoiding moisturizing the skin after the bath will turn the skin flaky and, in turn, start irritating your child. If your kid is under 1, check out these baby products that you must have.

Use a Skin-friendly Moisturizer

Children are very sensitive to anything new. Even after consulting the doctor, one must buy a skin-friendly and gentle moisturizer. It is always better to have an eye to check if there is any reaction after using the moisturizer.

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Keep the Skin Hydrated

We need to provide the skin with adequate nutrition to react positively. Keeping the skin hydrated by providing it with more fluids is very important. This can be done by including things like juices, soups and similar fluids in the child’s diet so as to keep their body hydrated.

Do Not Overdress the Child

Always dress the child according to how cold the weather is. Since parents often worry about the child’s safety, we tend to overdress the child to protect him from the cold climate. Overdressing may lead to sweating or making the child feel uncomfortable. We should always understand our child’s requirements and not estimate them according to other kids in the vicinity.

Protection Against Diaper Rash

Keep the area clean. In winters, the kids tend to urinate more than usual. It is very important to keep checking their diaper frequently to reduce the chances of diaper rash. Always keep a diaper rash cream handy in case of any requirement.

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Don’t Ignore the Scalp

Just like our skin reacts to the change in the climate, even the scalp tends to get damaged. So, it is very important to take good care of the scalp. Avoid using too much oil on the scalp. If the child is facing dandruff issues, it may aggravate the problem. Also, avoid giving the child hair washes now and then. Do not ignore any scalp problems. Do consult a doctor immediately.

Switch the Bathing Time

Avoid giving a bath to the child very early in the morning or late evening when the climate is very cold. It is better to give a bath when the temperature is suitable enough to use lukewarm water for giving a bath to the child. You may end up using very hot water for the bath if you give them bathe in extremely cold weather.

To Sum Up

Every child is different. In the same way, every child’s needs are different and hence, the winter skin care may be different for them too. But there are certain things that we need to change or incorporate into our life according to the climate. A mom’s life is more sorted if the child is comfortable, happy and healthy. It is better to follow things before any damage is done. It is advisable to follow a proper skincare routine according to the climate as it is said that Prevention is better than cure. And, you must not ignore your skin in winters, so here is the Perfect night skincare for winter season.

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