The Bitter Truth Behind The News Paper

We Believe Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s leaders. Our son got into reading before he was even 4. Slowly he got the habit of reading Newspaper the first thing in the morning.

One day morning, he comes up with a new thing. Mom, I’m not going to read the newspaper anymore. Oh my. With all this extra exposure to Online classes & online games, my son has started giving up on reading. I said to myself, “don’t give up, readers always like reading, maybe your son must have gotten some serious thoughts in his mind which made him say this.”

I paused for a moment & asked him, what made you say this, my son? Are you not able to follow the news, or are you bored reading the updates about the pandemic that’s happening around?

In a stern voice, he says, “Mommy, today in the newspaper, I got to see something about sexual harassment in a school!!”
I feel I’m too young for this type of news, so I thought I would read a magazine or kids newspaper which I can follow.

I was speechless. And I felt guilty going through my throat. I was just hoping to see some good news, but it turned out to be the opposite.

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