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Behold The Secret of Potty Training! Tips & Hacks By Mom of 2

Potty training is like trekking a mountain. As exhaustive and tiring as it sounds. But once you reach the top of the mountain, your happiness is boundless. Similarly, once you train your kid for potty, the happiness is equivalent to seeing Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Why Is It Crucial?

Potty training is of paramount importance because, without regular pooping, kids won’t eat properly.

And the rashes? My God, it is a nightmare. When the potty remains in the diaper for a longer time, the pink, itchy rashes make our kids restless, and they refuse to wear the diaper, which puts the floors & sofas in a pitiful state. All these potty cleanings in a repetitive cycle will make anyone tired, let alone the mom, who runs behind her kid all day.

It’s time! Yes, let’s potty train the kid. That way, it is a win-win situation for both the kid and the parent.

Strategies To Potty Train A Kid

Potty Training Pants

You can use padded pants at the start of your potty training. Both the kid and the parent are new to this. So, sometimes you might not notice the uncomfortable sign, and the kid might not have told you they have the urge to poop. At these starting stages, padded potty training pants can be beneficial. They will not only hold the poop inside the pants but also safeguard your floors and sofas.

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Potty Training Seats

Two types of seats – potty training seats with ladder and without ladder can help your child according to your needs. The ladder potty training seat comes with a ladder to help your child climb up the stairs to the toilet seat and then poop.

Potty training seat without a ladder, either a separate toilet seat on which the kid poops, or it has to be fixed on the regular toilet seat, and the parent has to help the child to sit on it.

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Potty Training Doll

Kids have to train the doll to go potty on a potty training seat. This potty training doll comes with a doll (boy/girl) and a toy toilet seat. As you train the kid to potty training, the kid will play and train the doll for potty. That way, the kids get to understand potty training in a much better sense.

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Encourage Your Kid

Kids think potty is a bad thing. Sometimes, they refuse to poop because of it. Trust me. I have gone through it. When I came to know of that, I told my kid that going potty was a good thing and she must intimate me. Whenever your kid gets the urge to poop, become all teeth and smile broadly at them. Tell them you were expecting it. That way, they will know potty is not bad and that you aren’t upset because of it. Also, read another blog on Positive Discipline & Getting Your Child To Listen.

Regulariser For Potty Training

DIY a calendar with dates and boxes for whether they went potty or not. If the kid went potty, ask him/her to tick the potty. If not, tick no potty. Same way, have a watch and set the alarm. When the alarm sounds, take the child to the toilet and make them sit on the toilet seat. This way, you can let the kids know that potty regularisation is important to stay healthy.

Storytime During Potty Training

Bedtime is not the only storytime for kids. You can spend this potty training time on the stories the kids love and engage them better.

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Give stars to kids when they poop on training seats. Reward them. Kids love stars. Especially when the parent awards them, this will encourage them to go potty on potty training seats.

Using Wet Wipes

Have the baby wet pipes handy when you train the kids. Give room for them to become dirty and then wipe them clean.

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When Is The Right Time?

Kids show signs when they have the urge to go pee/potty. This can be noticed when you watch them closely. For example, My elder kid stops her activities and stands still when she gets the urge to poop. My younger kid keeps his legs apart and stands in an uncomfortable position. These signs may differ from one kid to another.

When your kid shows these kinds of signs, patiently take them to the toilet. Make them sit on the toilet seat. And engage them. Kids get bored in a short time, and when they do, they refuse to poop. Our role here is to keep them engaged.

Sit with them and,

  • Narrate stories if they like to hear them, with all the background music – oohs & aahs to make it all the more interesting.
  • Give them puzzles if they love to solve them.
  • Sing along if they are delighted to hear rhymes. And much more.

Our ultimate goal is to keep them engaged till they finish pooping.

Appreciate Them

Once they finish pooping, what should we do after cleaning?

  • Praise the kids for going to the toilet. It goes a long way, longer than any toy.
  • Let them know they will become stronger if they go potty properly. Kids love to be strong.
  • Tell them they have done an excellent job and pat them on their shoulders.
  • Share your happiness with them since they went for it.
  • Show them how easy the potty cleaning is for you since they used the commode.

Kids love you since you do everything for them. They always try to get appreciation from you, since that will make them happier and more satisfied. They understand that they are troubling you, but they still do because they aren’t trained in it. So be patient and encouraging.

That is all! The potty training is complete. You and your kid can spend some happy time together with more games and stories now. And the kid is good to go. Also, check this article on Elimination communication and how does it work in potty training?

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