Female Social Media Influencers Who You Need To Follow For Inspiration

Nowadays, people are getting more attracted to social media and getting influenced by the big influencers to assist them in determining what to buy and what trends to follow. Around 40% of the world’s population uses social media, and many of these billions of users look to influencers. Let’s get to know the top 10 powerful and inspirational female social media influencers like Cambria Joy you need to follow and see in your feed.

Who Is Social Media Influencer?

Simply put, social media influencers are persons who have gained a large and devoted social media following. They have a strong social media presence on one or more platforms. Their supporters frequently regard them as role models or industry experts.

Influencers, unlike traditional superstars, frequently share intimate details of their daily life with their followers. As a result, their followers elevate them to a higher status and honor them. Influencers and their fan bases frequently form friendly bonds. This gives them the ability to gain the trust of their intended audience.

Types of Social Media Influencers

One approach to categorize the various types of influencers is by their level of creativity. These differences are determined according to the kind of content they produce. Some of the niches of social media influencers:

  • Fitness Influencers
  • Gaming Influencers – Live Streamers
  • Beauty Influencers
  • Parenting Influencers
  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  • Photographers
  • Activists
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Health Influencers
  • Travel Influencers
  • Cooking/Food Influencers
  • Pet Influencers and many more.

10 Inspirational Female Social Media Influencers You Need To Follow

Cambria Joy

Cambria is one of the top female social media influencers. She is a YouTuber, a NASM-certified personal trainer as well as a NASM-certified nutrition coach. She is a soul seeker and fitness model from California. Her weekly newsletter subscribers are rewarded with unique exercise videos and wellness advice. Cambria struggled with an eating condition as a kid, but she overcame it with sheer determination and “trust in God.”

She believes that ”we aren’t created to perfect our image & are not put on this earth to achieve a perfect body. God made us for so much more. So let’s hang out and remember that every single day.” How thoughtful is this, right? So, this may be the reason that Cambria should be your first choice if you’re seeking a grounded influencer.

Dr. Ishinna Sadana

Dr. Ishinna Sadana is a parenting coach and counselor at New Insights. She is also a YouTuber and content creator who enjoys offering parenting advice in her own way. She has worked with various brands; the majority of them are related to babies and skincare. She tells her audience about her child’s numerous activities to better understand what it’s like to be a parenting influencer. You can read all parenting related tips and hacks here.

With her distinct content creation technique, she provides a lot of inspiration to the mommies out there. She has contributed significantly to the mom blogger community, from promoting healthy eating habits to providing various parenting tips. She enjoys being a fun parent who is capable of handling all of her tasks.

Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is a beauty influencer, YouTuber and Instagrammer. Her first YouTube video was uploaded in 2010, and she’s been constantly releasing diverse beauty, skincare, and DIY-related YouTube videos since then. She is regarded as a pioneer in the YouTube world. Her movies are quite educational for young boys and girls who are interested in the subject of beauty. She is one of the best female social media influencers.

Shreya is able to attract a large following due to the genuineness and authenticity of her digital material. She also communicates with their audience daily through her social media profiles, answering questions, maintaining the spirit of engagement. Shreya also has a clothing business called SJ MERCH. She was the first woman from India to represent NYX FACE AWARDS.

Kamya Buch

She is a travel influencer and has been traveling the world on her own for 4 years now. Instagram has been one of the main ways she has shared this with people since 2017. She focuses on unexplored places, sharing the ups and downs of her life with people to experience her life through her. In the process, she educates and spreads awareness about everything from solo travel safety, environmental sustainability, drug education, relationships, and spirituality.

Her mission in this world is one thing – to assist with the awakening of the planet. Apart from travel, She also has an environmental organization called Healing Planet Earth. She also founded the Psychedelic Society of India to spread awareness and harm reduction education for psychedelic medicines.

Komal Pandey

Take a look at Komal Pandey, a cutesy college girl who soared to stardom thanks to her YouTube skit videos. She is one of the top female social media influencers. She flipped the fashion industry on its head with her edgier transformation. Komal Pandey is the only person I know who can wear an outfit in ten different ways. Pandey, the queen of metamorphosis, can turn a plain sari into a pleated skirt or incorporate it into a power suit, all in the name of creating a unique look.

Her specialty is videos; thus, she dabbles in a variety of forms and music. You can’t overlook her unconventional dress choices, dramatic makeup, and strong styling, even if you don’t always agree with them. She is constantly experimenting with her appearance and is quite creative. We admire her willingness to try new things with her style. Her colorful fusions and inventive mixes are our absolute favorites.

Harleena Singh

When you think of a professional blogger who devotes her life to helping those in need, Harleena Sigh is the first person who comes to mind. She was a very successful freelance writer before becoming a pro-blogger. Her blog, ”Aha!NOW” is a multi-niche blog that focuses on blogging, wellness, motivation, and writing.

She’s been given the title “blog commenting queen,” and you can see her expressing helpful opinions throughout the blogosphere. Aha!NOW was a family blog with an emphasis on parenting and resiliency. She later changed. Aha!NOW into personal development and life blog with time. The blog’s major goal became to assist people in finding solutions to their difficulties and pursuing pleasure in their lives.

Swayampurna Mishra

She’s on our list of female social media influencers to look forward to when our love for food takes control. La Petit Chef, Swayampurna’s blog, is all about home-cooked pleasure. She prepares home-cooked dishes as if they were magic. Apart from being the well-known and internationally recognized author of the cookbook “My Indian Kitchen,” she gives us serious culinary and photography ambitions with her culinary photos.

You’ll find anything from healthy breakfast ideas to exquisite treats on her feed. She has been cooking since she was 11. She kept trying out new cuisines and reading more on and on to improve her knowledge of food from different cultures. Over time, she has traveled and written about food in places like Goa, Kerala, Doha, Calcutta for various magazines like Condé Nast, Lonely Planet, etc.


As you may guess from the user name, @Nutritionistminacshi is a nutritionist; her Instagram profile is full of healthy suggestions and has over 13k followers. You can follow her page if you want to add goodness to your everyday food habits; we like her unique approach to helping her followers realize the benefits of eating organic. She is also a food and menu consultant, so you can seek her advice if you require it.

She enjoys discussing everyday behaviors such as what occurs when we don’t get enough sleep. Her thesis is clear: you need to know what you’re eating and which nutrients are essential for good health. She will provide a wonderful food plan for your body, from a nutritious breakfast to dinner. If you’re trying to lose or gain weight, her advice can help you meet your nutritional needs.

Sherry Shroff

We admire Sherry’s ability to cover a wide range of topics with her work, including lifestyle, travel, beauty, food, and more. Her content is not only entertaining to watch but also useful. She discusses what books to read, what makeup to buy, and a variety of other topics. Her profile is an excellent example of how social media material should look if you want to be a content creator.

She has remarkable subscribers & followers on her YouTube channel and Instagram page, respectively, and one of the top female social media influencers. Sherry Shroff has won numerous prestigious national awards for her powerful voice. She also made her performing debut with the Bollywood movie ‘Bluffmaster’ along with Abhishek Bachchan. This lovely lady, even at such a young age, is an inspiration to us all.

Priyanka Kochhar

Priyanka Kochhar, India’s BikeWithGirl, has been at the forefront of the ‘paradigm shifts’ movement. She has a large social media presence as a model who has been in Vogue, Elle, and various print/advertising campaigns. She is well-known for providing knowledge on the latest motorcycle models, motorsport and empowering women to pursue alternative careers.

Priyanka has also competed in the National Championship last year, where she earned her first podium win. Her words of inspiration have sparked a cultural shift among young internet users, allowing them to broaden their views without being confined by any society convention, expectation, or limitation. She is regarded as one of India’s top influencers, having worked on several commercials.


There are many more female social media influencers who inspire us regularly with their wonderful stuff. Follow these incredible influencers who supply you with daily motivation! Who is your favorite influencer who motivates you daily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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