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”Anu, The Child Who Never Cried”

This is a story of a little girl, Anu. The child who was not liked even by her own father.

Anu was a girl born to Ram and Kala. She was the only daughter. Her mother says, “my daughter didn’t cry even at her birth. Such a wonderful child is she. Never has she complained. Life with her was always easy. No cry, No tantrums, No demands, She takes whatever was given to her as a food”.

But, she was not liked by most of the people. What is the reason? Anu was born a little dark by completion. And was a little on the healthier side. Note: she was not fat; she was just healthier than most.

Time rolled, and Anu was in her middle school now. Black and beautiful. With her long hair, beautiful big eyes. Little taller than most girls. She has no friends to talk with. No siblings to share with. A backbencher by chance as she was tall. She kept on wondering, “why do people don’t like me?” Maybe they will if I help others? Let me help as many as I can.

She started helping friends with their homework, a quiet listener to their problems. She believes most people need ears to listen. No one is in need of advice. She will just listen and say. Don’t worry. This, too, shall pass away.

Years rolled like a spin wheel. Now, our protagonist was in her college. She met a prof for her subject who nurtured her. She could feel how a father would love her. For the first time in her life, she could feel how important she was. They shared a relationship like Ishaan Awasthi of TARE ZAMEEN PAR and the prof as Amir Khan.

Wow, How pure and gentle would be a love of a father. She thought she would definitely be in touch with the teacher for her lifetime. She decided I will be one like this teacher. I will become a teacher. I shall spread love to those children who are in need. I will love the week once. The kids whom nobody likes. I want to become a teacher.

Finally, she became a teacher at school. She chooses a middle school, as kids will have many emotional changes, and molding will be the right place. She started to concentrate and encourage those kids who are poor in their studies. Her love for the kids was endless. They, too, love her like a mother.

Did you see how a drop of love could be so much? She got 1. She multiplied it with thousands; She got back much more.

Moral: When you give love, you get it back. It takes a little time to encourage and love the kids. It’s easy to hate some, so take time and love the kids. Life gave her a hundred chances to cry. But, she chooses to fight back.

Special thanks to Dr. Professor Shishir Lele, A professor for Psychology at Bombay.

Written by. Meenakshi Sarma Based on a real story of a young girl.

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