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Lockdown, Work from Home, Study from Home…Stay at Home!!

As easy it may sound, it’s a completely contradictory paradigm. With all the hues and cries of my two angels, I often hear a frustrated voice asking me to monitor them. My husband locked in the other room, trying his best to battle his work from home situation. I being a working mom, often wonders where do I stand in all this!

I had already been multitasking before lockdown, and now the word multitasking doesn’t seem to justify my plight.

With one hand in dishes, the other preparing food, mind juggling and calculating the pending chores and upcoming classes ceaselessly. In the midst of unwavering requests for attention from my 2-year old, I seem to lose it at times. Feeling like a complete failure! Depression seems to be often knocking at my forehead, and tears make their way down my cheeks. Suddenly, the warm tears revive my strength, and some reaction takes place in my head and heart. I am a mother of two, and giving up doesn’t seem to be an option.

Knocking off all negativity, I bounce back into action and seem to take control, at least for now.

With all said and done, at night, as I observe my kids smiling and sometimes as they end up giggling in their dreams, I feel an assurance of having happy kids, a safe place that we have created for them in all this chaos. Unaware of the outside world, they lie on their cozy beds, cuddling one another. Here is when I join my hands, close my eyes, bow my head with immense gratitude, and thank Waheguru Ji for all his blessings!

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    Nothing is great then mother. Only mother works 365 days without getting any paid rest all are paid

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