My First Year as a Mom
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Lessons and Love from My First Year as a Mom!

Hello fellow parents and readers,

As I reflect on my first year of motherhood, I’m filled with an array of emotions and a deep appreciation for this unique journey. Becoming a mother has truly been a transformative experience, layered with challenges, joys, and invaluable lessons.

The Beauty of Shared Wisdom

Before I became a mother, I played various roles—a daughter, a wife, and more. Yet, the role of being a mom has introduced me to feelings of love and responsibility like never before. Living with my in-laws and my loving husband while navigating this new role has enriched this experience tremendously.

There’s something beautifully reassuring about having the support of a joint family. The wisdom of grandparents, the shared responsibilities, and the collective love not only help in nurturing the child but also in preserving cherished family values and traditions. Their presence means that when little emergencies, like a sudden cold or a tummy ache, pop up, there’s wisdom and extra hands to help.

The Gift of Time and Self-Care

One of the unexpected blessings of living with extended family is the personal time it affords me. Whether it’s catching up on sleep, running an important errand, or simply having a moment to myself, these breaks are crucial. They recharge me, making me a better parent and partner.

Championing Breastfeeding and Beyond

Breastfeeding has been another significant part of my journey. While it’s a personal choice and not always possible for everyone, I found it immensely beneficial for both my baby and myself. It’s more than just nutrition; it’s a moment of profound connection. I also discovered that it can be soothing for the baby even in times of minor hurts, almost like a little miracle of healing and comfort.

I understand that every mother’s situation is unique, and there are various reasons why breastfeeding might not be an option for everyone. It’s important that we support and uplift each other regardless of the paths we take. Every parent does the best they can with the resources and knowledge they have.

In Closing: A Shared Experience

Motherhood, much like life, does not come with a manual. Each day is a learning curve, and each moment is an opportunity to grow. What I’ve shared today is a snippet of my life, filled with personal experiences and choices influenced by my environment and support system.

To all parents reading this, whether you are doing this solo or with a village, you are doing wonderfully. Our journeys may differ, but our destination is the same—a well-loved, happy child. Let’s continue to share our stories and support each other with kindness and understanding.

Thank you for letting me share my story. I hope it resonates with many of you, and I look forward to hearing about your own journeys in motherhood.

With love,


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