All I Am – I Owe to My MOTHER

Mom, Maa, Mommy, Ammi …we might call her by any name, but Mom is mom. No words can do justice to describe it.
One can go on writing about motherhood yet not describe it completely. One has to feel the emotions from within.
She’s the epitome of love, beauty, strength, grace and the list is endless.

My mom is one such strong lady.

Well, every child thinks her mom is special, but my thoughts differ. I’m special because she’s my mom.

She has made innumerable sacrifices and compromised a lot just to bring us to this stage. I proudly say whatever I’m, it’s because of her. I owe everything to her. My education wouldn’t be possible without her support and motivation. She could read my love for studying and pushed me to pursue my Masters.

She stood like a rock and supported me. She would be awake till late nights and wake up early morning just to give me some tea or coffee, not that I couldn’t make one, but Woh Maa ke haath ki baat hi Nirali hein.

She has instilled excellent values in us (me and my siblings), and her advice I have always followed and will continue to do so.

All moms keep giving basic advice, but one advice I truly follow is no matter what, BE KIND AND GOOD ALWAYS, HELP OTHERS AND FORGIVE AND FORGET.’

My mom has always been very helpful all her life. I still remember as a kid I would say, “Mumma, why are you helping her /him ?” and mom would say, beta, if you help them, God will help us.

She’s done her duties selflessly without any complaints. At times I’ve seen her helping people even when we didn’t have enough of it.

She would readily agree if someone asked her for any help.

Often she would help my maid monetarily without anyone even knowing about it.

She didn’t allow a single person to go without food, snacks, or sharbat, may it be a simple electrician, plumber, or even guests of neighbors who had come next door, but the door was locked. She has always been very kind, and over the years, I’ve learned that from her.

Initially, I thought it was difficult, but it’s not that hard too.

I am walking in her footsteps, trying to be like her. Though I do get selfish at times. She’s always forgiven people even for a very grave mistake or rude attitude and behavior towards her because her nature is such. She can’t keep angry and hold grudges. She believes in forgive and forget.

I usually forgive very easily, but I am yet to learn this art of forgetting from her. She always says, “Do your best and leave everything to him. He is watching everything.”

I always complain, “Mumma; this generation is very bad. No one cares; why are you bothered? To which she smiling replies, ” Because world needs good people like us.”

I hope I can live up to her expectations. She has been a wonderful mom but an even more beautiful human being. I wish the world starts thinking like her and the whole world lives in harmony and peace with no violence and being kind and helpful to each other.

I am so blessed to be her daughter; one day, she’ll be proud of me and say, “You did it, beta.”

Namita Aggarwal

I'm a devoted full-time mom and part-time blogger, passionate about nurturing my 4-year-old and expressing myself through writing. Amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, I steal moments to immerse myself in the world of words and ideas. Through my blog and online communities, I find solace, knowledge, and connection with fellow parents. Balancing caregiving and writing fuels my growth and brings fulfillment. As a reader, I value the power of shared experiences and wisdom found in blogs. I am also an art person, and I take art classes for kids, allowing me to nurture their creativity and explore the world of colors and shapes together. Let's embark on this digital journey together, celebrating the joys and navigating the challenges of parenthood while embracing the artistic side of life.

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  1. Hema Agarwal says:

    Superb one … feelings of mother which is always unsaid by others…….and being a wonderful personality …that’s y god created mom….and all should be blessed with this??

  2. Durraiya Lokhandwala says:

    Simply awesome

  3. Umayal Subramaniam says:

    Beautifully written. Kudos to your mother.

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