My Motivator – My Pranav

I named him Pranav because my favorite hero’s son’s name was Pranav; one may think this is the peak of hero worship!

Incidentally, Pranav symbolizes the eternal beginning. I am told the Universe echoes with ‘Aum,’ which is the Pranav mantra. My son Pranav had been inspiring me at all walks of my life. A small incident to share. I was always and is on the heavier side. I initially used to have lots of apprehensions to explore in dance, Zumba, or any sport because of my plus size. I felt people would ridicule me, they may say good things in front of me, but at the back, they may have a good laugh at my expense.

After a lot of persuasion from my son, I joined our association’s fitness club. The time was fixed after the child goes to school. All ladies of different physique took part. The first day as always, is ‘screensaver’ time, where one is made comfortable, and the exercises were absolutely simple. LoL! I got confident and took the second day. This went on for a week.

The real picture happened after a week where we were exposed to different postures, movements, and really tough ones. We were asked to lie down, bend our knees, and then get up holding breath. I thought this is the end because I saw my fellow ladies doing it with ease, and I felt few looked at me as though I was from a different planet. The exercise looked simple, though, but because of my heavy thighs and big stomach, I was unable to do it. I felt like crying and came home dejected. The whole day passed, me sitting with a sad face.

My son came home and looked at me; I narrated my inability and was on the verge of crying. He looked at me again, ‘Amma, try try try… try but no cry’, said this and went off to play area. He was just six that time. I felt a spark in me because my son gave a rhyming motivation, and there was a new fuse wire instilled. I determined to try and try… did not give up but try and try.

The next two-three days was the trying phase; by the fourth day, I was able to lift myself to 45 degrees, and yes, that was my success step. I felt elated and joyous; I was able to achieve a small milestone from the impossible list. Of course, with a bad pull near my abs, but no pain, no gain. I understood it. Life lesson learned was without trying don’t conclude this is not your cup of tea, who knows tea might taste sugary, bitter, thick or yuck….!!! Give it a try and enjoy every facet of life.

Pranav… my beginning to the adventure called life!!

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  1. Amritha says:

    You have got a very good writing skill. I am always your fan. Hope you remember me.

  2. S SANJAY says:

    Pranav has made a difference. Thanks to him and a very good writeup from you.

    1. Tku Sanjay

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