My Unforgettable Postpartum Odyssey

A Postpartum Journey No Mother Should Endure!

Bringing a new life into the world is supposed to be a time filled with joy and celebration. Little did I know that my postpartum period would turn into a tumultuous journey, marked by the challenging presence of my mother-in-law. As I share my story on, I hope it resonates with other moms who may have faced similar struggles, creating a space for shared experiences and understanding.

A Thirst for More

The very first challenge surfaced when my mother-in-law staunchly believed that water would only add unnecessary weight during the postpartum period. Unbeknownst to her, denying me water wasn’t just about staying hydrated but also a missed opportunity to flush out impurities. I remember desperately yearning for a glass of water as I tried to explain the importance of hydration.

Fan Wars in June

The heat of June in India is no joke, and my mother-in-law’s resistance to turning on the fan became a battleground. Despite the doctor’s advice suggesting otherwise, she believed that the fan would make me sick. The clash between tradition and practicality left me sweltering in a room filled with discomfort. I can vividly recall the stifling heat, beads of sweat on my forehead, as I tried to reason with her.

Bundle of Layers

As the mercury soared outside, my newborn found himself swathed in layers upon layers indoors. My mother-in-law’s fear of the baby catching a cold turned our home into a sauna. Struggling to convince her that a more breathable environment was necessary for our little one became a daily ordeal. I remember feeling helpless as I peeled off layer after layer, trying to bring relief to my overheated baby.

The Guest Parade

Our house turned into a revolving door of guests, each day bringing new faces into our postpartum haven. The pressure to entertain unnecessary visitors left me yearning for the solitude and peace that should define this sacred period. I recall the exhaustion of putting on a smile for guests when all I wanted was a moment of quiet bonding with my newborn.

Daughter-in-law vs. Daughter

The constant comparisons between me and her own daughter during the postpartum phase added a layer of emotional turmoil. Instead of being treated like a daughter, I felt like an outsider, navigating a complex relationship dynamic. I can still feel the sting of those comparisons, each one a subtle reminder of my perceived shortcomings.

Culinary Critiques

Mealtime became a battlefield where every dish I prepared faced a barrage of critiques. The clash between traditional recipes and my modern taste buds heightened the stress of an already challenging postpartum period. I remember feeling disheartened as I put effort into cooking, only to face relentless criticism.

DIY Independence

Wanting to manage my own tasks and responsibilities became a point of contention. My mother-in-law’s expectation that I rely on assistance clashed with my desire for independence. The battle between autonomy and tradition became a constant struggle. I recall the frustration of feeling capable but constantly having my efforts undermined.

The Fresh Air Ban

A ban on venturing outside for fresh air for six months left me feeling like a bird in a cage. Lame excuses about catching the air and falling sick deprived me of the simple pleasure of a breath of fresh air, adding to the suffocation of the postpartum experience. I can still visualize the open windows, teasing me with the outside world I couldn’t access.

Breastfeeding Advice Overload

The never-ending stream of breastfeeding advice, though well-intentioned, became overwhelming. Navigating through the sea of suggestions, from ancient remedies to modern methods, left me feeling drowned in a sea of conflicting information. I remember the confusion and frustration of trying to sift through advice while just wanting to nourish my baby.


As I reflect on this turbulent postpartum journey, I share my story not just as an account of personal struggles but as an offering to other moms who may have faced similar challenges. Through, I hope to create a space where the diverse experiences of motherhood can be celebrated, shared, and understood. In the storm of postpartum trials, remember, you’re not alone. Here’s to weathering the challenges together and emerging stronger on the other side. 💖🌦️

Sharda Shrivastava

Hey there! 👋 I'm the storyteller behind the scenes, and my journey into motherhood began in the magical year of 2021 when I welcomed my darling daughter into the world. 💖👶

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Join me in weaving stories of motherhood, where the joys, the challenges, and the triumphs create a tapestry of shared understanding and support. 💪🌈

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