Was it PostPartum Depression – Yes it was!

Soon after I delivered my first child, my body went through a lot of changes. I was lucky it was a normal delivery, so I didn’t have to bother about stitches and C section Pain, but I cannot forget the discomfort I had to face for the first few days. Feeding him was difficult too. My mother and granny did help me, but latching took some time.

The first time mom always carries a bag of mixed feelings. They are pleased about the birth of the little one but at the same time worried about so many things. Why isn’t the baby drinking enough milk? Why is the baby crying? Is his stomach aching? Why is the baby still sleeping ….is he alright? The mothers are loaded with so many questions. I, too, faced these. Luckily I had many elders in the family to take care of my concerns.

Since it was my first delivery, I had gone to mom’s house, which is the tradition in our community, and I guess many communities, mainly because of the comfort level one gets in the mother’s house. Things were quite good. I was enjoying motherhood. Those little things made a huge difference in my life. Watching his smiling face, his tiny feet, his cute and innocent face, his milestones, and many more. Memories are still fresh in my mind.

I was so happy, even sacrificing sleep which is very dear to me. Mom’s are a blessing. She made sure I slept well
and took proper rest. She made nutritious and rich food, mostly made after delivery, and I ate without making a fuss. All went well until a few months later; I had a lot of mood swings. I would get irritated easily. I would want to sleep, but he didn’t allow me, which would annoy me.

I wanted some me time but could barely get it. I had a list of things to be done, but I couldn’t do a single thing. I couldn’t even give time to my hubby. I felt tired, sluggish, and depressed. I kept blaming myself for not being organized. I got irritated with little things.

I wasn’t aware of any such term as Postpartum Depression until I spoke to my child’s pediatrician. He was quite helpful and explained me in detail about it. I’m sure many moms are not even aware of this and simply feel that it’s just because of the change in routine and lifestyle after the birth, but well, it is the fact that many new moms go through this.

The body isn’t getting enough rest, various thoughts constantly occupy you, and you have to learn the art of Multitasking. So many added responsibilities and major life changes. Soon I realized I wasn’t the only one; I started reading about it on the internet. It was very, very common. The hormones had to blame completely for it.

I was lucky because I could communicate easily about my feelings and I found the solution too. My child’s pediatrician did ask me to see a psychiatrist if things went completely out of control, but I am glad I didn’t have to. I researched a lot about Postpartum and accepted the challenges positively.

I would like to educate all my dear new mom’s about it. Please don’t get stressed and worried about it because it’s not in our hands. It’s the fluctuating hormones. Take it easy. If possible, speak to someone who can understand you. Spend some time with your loved ones. Do what you like. The Mother in you needs to be happy, cheerful, and energetic and not sad, tensed, and isolated. It is impossible to be a perfect mom, but you can find various ways to be a good one.

Namita Aggarwal

I'm a devoted full-time mom and part-time blogger, passionate about nurturing my 4-year-old and expressing myself through writing. Amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, I steal moments to immerse myself in the world of words and ideas. Through my blog and online communities, I find solace, knowledge, and connection with fellow parents. Balancing caregiving and writing fuels my growth and brings fulfillment. As a reader, I value the power of shared experiences and wisdom found in blogs. I am also an art person, and I take art classes for kids, allowing me to nurture their creativity and explore the world of colors and shapes together. Let's embark on this digital journey together, celebrating the joys and navigating the challenges of parenthood while embracing the artistic side of life.

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