Save Tigers!! Save Environment!!

“Appa, can we go to vandalur zoo”, said Varsha and Vaibhav with an exciting tone. It was the long winter holidays and the kids were excited they want to go to the zoo and watch animals.

So, it all started and we all went to the zoo. Kids were happy to see so many animals. December wind was blowing very mild and cold. It was the best time in Chennai.

There were many animals monkeys, crocodiles, giraffes, wild boar, deer, to name some. So many colorful birds were roaming around which was an enjoyable sight.

There was a small bus that would take us around the zoo. We got into it and comfortably sat and was enjoying the sight outside. So many wild trees, plants, bushes, animals, and forest types of look which we can never see in the city.

Suddenly, Varsha shouted, “amma see tigers” and we saw tiger cage. So many tigers all lying on the floor. “Amma, why they are not moving, said Varsha.

“They are tied up in a zoo, they can’t move freely as in the forest. They don’t have any movement and so they become lazy”. Said, appa.

There was a board that says, “SAVE TIGERS ”

“What is that?”, said Vaibhav.

“Nowadays everywhere poachers are hunting tigers and their population of tigers has come down”.

” why it is like that, Varsha was curious.

“Tiger hunting has become common nowadays. They hunt tiger for its skin which used for belts, coats and leather industries.” I explained them.

“Oh, amma, that’s so unfair, Varsha suddenly became sad. It was a long day and we came backbone tired.

Varsha was silent and I asked her, “baby, what happened? “.

“Amma, how can we save those tigers”. Realizing that she was still in that matter, I smiled.
“Children I want you to prepare any topic on saving our environment “, Varsha s class teacher announced at top of her voice.
Yes, “SAVE TIGERS”, Varsha knew how to go about.

She prepared a story about a small cub with blue eyes and who had lost his father to a selfish human being.

Varsha explained to me all this. I was extremely happy to know that my kids have understood about the environment and how to safeguard them.
It was the day when Varsha stood up to the stage and explained about tigers.

There was big applause and all teachers were dumbstruck with her story.

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