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Taking Care of Yourself Is Not Being Selfish

My name is Mona Agrawal Singhal. I am 33 years old, and I have two lovely kids.?‍?‍?‍?

Today I would like to share my story with you because it might help you change your vision towards life because it changed mine.

So I got married in the year 2010 to a loving and very supportive husband. After some time, we were blessed with one beautiful angel, and I became a mother?. Life was going perfect; what more one can ask from life.

My life was complete and perfect in all sense. Like every other mother on earth, I devoted my whole time to the upbringing of my daughter. We, mothers, are like this.

Most of the time is devoted to her daily chores. I start neglecting everything else, even my own health. I used to eat whatever I get, mainly her leftovers. I had no schedule for myself; I adjusted my whole day according to her activities because I wanted to give my best to her. She is the love and soul of my life. I enjoyed every bit of time I spent with her and didn’t want to miss any of her cute activities.

But with all this, I just totally ignored myself, and that was my biggest mistake. One day, I realized that I had put on so much weight, increasing day by day. I could not understand what I should do because now it becomes hard for me to look at myself. After all, I was so much into my daughter’s daily chores. I became so over-obsessed with all her things that I was not ready to change her schedule a little, not even for my health or anything. I kept on avoiding my health, which resulted, many health issues slowly. I didn’t even realize that what I have done to myself.

As days passed, my health issues were also increasing; when I held my baby, I started getting tired very easily. I put on so much weight that no dress fits me now. Slowly I lost my self-confidence, So I started avoiding going out and meet people. I was a woman with no confidence, not so healthy body, and with no ambition.

But as there is a saying that “it’s never too late for anything, all u just need to take one step and things will start turning in your favor,” finally that day came into my life.

I met one of my friends after a long time. She used to look fat, but when I met her, she looked fit and gorgeous. Out of my curiosity, I asked her what she had done and how she changed a lot. Then she told me that she did some gut Health and Weightloss program, and through that, she lost 17 kgs. I was like, what? Through that program, she not only lost weight, but she gained her health and confidence back.

After listening to her, I was like, this is the only thing I am looking for, and I need it badly, so I ask her to guide me on how to do this; she explained everything, and then I started with my weight loss journey under her guidance. ❤️

After I lose weight, I realized one thing that taking care of myself first should not be my guilt; I should take care of myself equally because if I am happy and healthy, I can only give my best to my family.

My biggest learning was that sacrificing my health and dream won’t do good to anyone, especially my family.

Now I have 2 kids, and now I know how to manage my life. I started working again, and now I am balancing my work life and family life very well.

I just want to spread this message to all women out there that don’t take themselves for granted; otherwise, you will only miss things, time, precious moments, and ‘nothing’ is the only thing you will get.

I hope my learning from life will help you.

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