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From Personal Struggle to Flourishing Enterprise: How I Found Empowerment Through Subh Herbal!

The journey of motherhood is often painted as a beautiful, blissful experience. While the miracle of creating life is indeed amazing, many women go through significant physical, emotional, and psychological challenges along the way. I was no exception. Amidst the joy of embracing motherhood, I grappled with one particularly difficult issue – severe postpartum hair loss.

Like most new mothers, I was already dealing with the overwhelming demands of caring for my newborn son, Subh. The added stress of excessive hair shedding took a toll on my self-confidence and overall well-being. I knew I needed to find a solution, but I was reluctant to use the chemical-laden products available in the market, fearing potential side effects.

My love for nature and natural remedies had been deeply ingrained in me from a young age. So, I decided to tap into this knowledge and create my own herbal hair oil, carefully blending potent, plant-based ingredients. With each application, I noticed a remarkable reduction in hair loss, and my strands gradually regained their strength and luster.

What started as a personal quest for healing became the catalyst for my entrepreneurial journey when my best friend witnessed the transformative effects of my herbal oil. She believed in my product wholeheartedly and encouraged me to share this natural solution with other women facing similar struggles.

Initially, I was hesitant. The idea of turning my passion project into a business seemed daunting. However, her unwavering support and belief in me gave me the courage to take that leap of faith. Thus, Subh Herbal was born, named after my son, who had inadvertently inspired this venture.

The initial success of the Subh Herbal Oil was overwhelming. Word spread quickly about its efficacy, and I soon found myself inundated with requests from women eager to experience its benefits. Fueled by this positive response, I expanded the Subh Herbal line to include a range of natural, chemical-free products, including face scrubs, ubtan (face masks), and bath salts, tailored to individual skin types.

As a new entrepreneur, I faced numerous challenges. Some dismissed me as just “tel-wali” undermining my efforts to build a meaningful business. The competition in the natural skincare industry was fierce, and there were moments when I doubted whether anyone would choose my products over more established brands.

However, I refused to let these obstacles deter me. I knew that my passion for natural living and my personal experience with the power of herbs set me apart. If I had given up then, I would have never reached the incredible heights I have today.

Building a successful business from the ground up was no easy feat. From finding the right platforms to sell my products to managing the day-to-day operations, every step presented its own set of challenges. But with each hurdle I overcame, my determination grew stronger.

Today, I stand proudly as the founder of a thriving enterprise that has not only brought financial independence but also a profound sense of empowerment. Subh Herbal has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious Naari Shakti Award and the Women Entrepreneur Award on International Women’s Day, recognizing the hard work and perseverance that have gone into building this brand.

My journey with Subh Herbal is a testament to the fact that our greatest strengths often emerge from our deepest struggles. What began as a personal quest to overcome postpartum hair loss has blossomed into a flourishing business that celebrates the power of natural living and self-care.

To all the women out there, especially mothers, my message is this: never underestimate the potential of your passions and life experiences. The challenges you face can be the very catalysts that propel you towards a fulfilling entrepreneurial path. Embrace your unique journey, believe in yourself, and have the courage to turn your dreams into reality.

I invite you to follow my brand @subhherbal on Instagram and join the Subh Herbal community, where we celebrate the strength, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit of women from all walks of life.

Note from the Blog Owner:

Nikki’s story is a powerful reminder that our greatest triumphs often arise from our darkest moments. Her journey from grappling with postpartum hair loss to building a successful, award-winning natural skincare brand is a true inspiration. Nikki’s resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering belief in her vision serve as a beacon of hope for all aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Through Subh Herbal, Nikki has not only found financial independence but also a profound sense of empowerment. Her commitment to natural, holistic living and self-care has resonated with countless women, creating a supportive community that celebrates the unique strengths and stories of each individual.

By sharing her narrative with such vulnerability and authenticity, Nikki has become a role model for women seeking to turn their personal struggles into meaningful enterprises. Her success is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the courage to forge one’s own path, no matter the obstacles.

Since it’s Women’s Month, I’d love to use my platform to promote and uplift women entrepreneurs. If you have a business you’d like me to feature, please share your journey with me through DM on my Instagram.

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Nikki Khemka

Hey there! I'm Nikki Khemka, a nature-loving mom to a vibrant 10-year-old son, Subh. When I'm not dancing or exploring the great outdoors, I'm busy crafting natural solutions for hair and skincare through my brand, Subh Herbal. From battling post-pregnancy hair loss to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, my journey is fueled by a passion for nature and a belief in the power of natural ingredients.

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