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Modern Education – Modern Methods – All About Connected Learning

  1. Is your kid giving a tough time studying?
  2. Does your kid make it a huge deal to learn and write?
  3. Does he willingly and happily come for his study time?
  4. Did you ever notice that the problem might not be our children but our attitude towards education?

Students in the twenty-first century have a tremendous opportunity to be engaged and be involved. Students have never had easier access to anything or everyone than they have now. We can no longer expect our kids to learn about a topic without providing them with an opportunity to express their opinions about it. Learning is always valuable when it is motivated by a genuine connection. Student voice, empowerment, and compassion are all enhanced by connections. So, here, we will discuss what connected learning is and how it is beneficial to the kids.

A Bit About Education Methods

Education is an integral part of every one of us. And the seed for this most important life skill can be sowed only when we are still learning to take our baby steps. We prefer modernization and improvement in every sphere of our lives, so why leave education methods behind?

Why stick to traditional education methods when we can upgrade to better and more interactive and constructive teaching methods? The traditional methods are still going good but as children today are so much different than their former counterparts in terms of their temperaments, knowledge, advanced learning, technology-based lives, environment, and habits, so do their zest and thirst for different styles of learning and knowing and thus, education has leaped too.

And with this demand, the age-old tradition of teaching with textbooks and books alone no longer serves the purpose. Instead, we need an integrated approach and techniques to feed their thirst for learning in unique ways. And one such method that I, as a mother of two, have been practicing and found to be quite fruitful is the concept of CONNECTED LEARNING.

What Is Connected Learning?

Connections-based learning is nothing more than a method of refocusing your attention on the most important aspect of teaching and living: PEOPLE. Educators are not in the business of developing curricula, projects, or lessons as educators. They’re in the business of helping people grow. And this is where your connections-based learning experience begins. Maintaining a focus on individuals and their growth.

Students grow when learning is focused on connections, and thought is given to maximizing these relationships. Whether the teacher-student connection or connections with members of the class, school, or community.

If I simplify it, then it is something as simple as learning. It can be any learning from life skills to Mathematics to English to Science connected with art or craft-based activities or any other technique that can make learning fun and enjoyable, easily understandable, and practical. The benefit of this learning can be quite a long list.

Benefits Of Connected Learning

The first and the best of all is you can start it at any time as early as when your child is one to one and a half years old. Now how can that be possible?? A simple activity of sorting similar grains, dropping the objects in the box, making sure the object passes through a given hole, stacking up rings or boxes, sorting colors, scribbling on a piece of paper, etc. can help a child develop their analytical skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking capabilities, cognitive learning, reflex reactions. The key here is learning with connected activities that can make it easy for them to comprehend and learn. Check out some activities here.

There is a huge difference between education and knowledge. Not every educated person is knowledgeable. And the main culprit can be our teaching methods in their younger years. On the other hand, knowledge can last a lifetime if it is something that we pursue ourselves and are interested in. Forced learning can only lead to grades and degrees but cannot ensure knowledge. And a connected approach can help us in this feat to a great extent.

When we introduce our child to education in such a beautiful learning style, it is something that they would enjoy and look forward to every day. That happiness would ensure what they learn stays with them for a lifetime.

The concept of connecting learning with activities is a great holistic approach. It ensures not just education or knowledge but targets so many other skills. For example, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, independent learning, self-reliance, following your instincts, cognitive thinking, critical thinking, awareness, fine motor skills, and above all, an unmatched yearning to learn.

Words From Author

This connected learning needs no fancy equipment or a detailed structured plan. Many assume this when we talk about it. But what we need is an active and aware parent ready to dive in with their children to make education a fun ride for them. As parents, we need first to unlearn many things and learn again with our children this time. The major reason why I love the concept of connected learning is that it deals with the JOURNEY more than the DESTINATION.

Conclusively, with an active approach and a presence of mind when they ask us little queries, you can easily turn every day into education for them by making it practical and interactive. Learning is simply means connecting with peers, parents, friends, society, and the environment. This new-age approach will surely bring great results if we change our education approach. Moreover, it will enlighten our next generation to be knowledgeable, so they will be the pioneers of change tomorrow. Also, read here about Coding – what is it and the benefits?

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