Shouldn’t We Start Normalizing The Method of Child Birth?

A woman has many phases in her life, but the most beautiful and empowering of them all is ‘Motherhood.’ Becoming a mother is an honor in itself because a female is blessed with the power of creation. It is only us that can conceive and nurture life within us. It is nothing less than seeing a blessing shaping up to form a piece of your heart that beats outside of you. The eternal love and infinite affection and care a Mother feels for her child is incredible.

Being a mother has taught me to see many colors in the rainbow of feelings like unconditional love, infinite care, undying patience, and never-ending affection. The journey of motherhood is not an easy one to stroll but has its own hardships and tests even before we mothers are able to hold our babies in our arms. The first cry of a child is the only time a mother is happy when her child is crying. A mother is also born the instant a child is born.

Seeing that perfect face for the first time, which is a mirror of you, is the most heart-warming and unforgettable moment in a woman’s life. Yet I fail to understand how someone could belittle this implausible experience with a petty question like, “Was the delivery normal?”

What is the definition of normal delivery? Is a C-section delivery not normal? How can anyone denigrate the celebration of life to the method of birthing? In my opinion, every delivery method is normal and successful if we get to hold a healthy baby in our arms. It is so unfair of society to often look down upon the Mothers who have had cesarean deliveries contrary to glorifying Mothers who have had a traditional vaginal delivery. How can people compare a delivery method to the ability of a Mother to love her child and the emotional bond a mother has with her child?

We must all start normalizing the choice a woman makes on how she wants to bring her child into this world because all mothers only want their child to be safe and healthy. A Mother is a Mother no matter how she gives birth to her child. The fact that she has nurtured the baby with her blood and calmed the baby with her heartbeat is what makes a woman a Mother.

Next time you meet a Mother, don’t ask her how she delivered the baby, instead ask how she is doing and coping with the sudden change. We all tend to conveniently forget that a Mother, too, is born the instance a child is born.

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