Tricolor Recipes – Easy Foods & Recipes For Independence Day

Come the month of August, the first thing we remember is Independence Day. And the line of thoughts comes to our mind regarding Independence Day, among which the first one is, of course, our Tricolour. This day patriotism towards our country goes high for everyone. Kids do enjoy flag hoisting and singing patriotic songs. And to match the theme for this day, we have got a huge number of tricolour recipes. And since it is the center of attraction, what would be the better way to enjoy this independence day with tricolor recipes.

India would be celebrating the 75th Independence day on 15th August 2021; it is time to remember the rich and diverse culture that India has carried for so long. India is known for its rich culture, rituals, festivals, and its varieties of food. And Tricolour is supposed to be most efficient during this season. We can find many mouth-watering recipes using Tricolour.

There are so many tricolor dishes, but I have picked some of the easy and incredible recipes so that all can prepare. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

10 Easy Tricolour Recipes For This Independence Day

Tricolour Idli

tricolor recipes

First among this tricolor recipe comes, of course, our humble idli. Take idli batter, divide into 3 parts. Take one part to add saffron color, and mix well to form orange color, or for a healthy version, we can use carrot puree. For the green color, we can use spinach puree. Mix well to form particular color. Steam well separately to get 3 different colors. Arrange it accordingly; we get tricolor idlis.

Tricolour Pizza

tricolor recipes

For Independence Day, we can make Tricolour pizza using carrots, green capsicum, and lots of cheese, forming a vegetable pizza, Tricolour pizza. Kids would really enjoy this simple and exciting pizza for the season and this is considered as one of the delicious tricolor recipes.

Tricolour Coconut Burfi

tricolour recipes

For the sweet tooth in us, we all can enjoy tricolor coconut burfi. First, prepare coconut Burfi using desiccated coconut. Divide the mixture into 3 parts. Add saffron color to one mixture and mix well. Then add green color to other mixture and mix well separately. Arrange this colored mixture one below the other and refrigerate it. Cut and serve. Tricolour coconut Burfi is ready.

Tricolour Seekh Kabab

tricolor recipes

Vegetable seekh kabab can be prepared by using cheese, onion, green chilies, coriander seeds. Make it into 3 portions, add color separately, and deep fry it. Then plate it to form a Tricolour. Also, read another blog on How I made my life Perfect after Baby.

Tricolour Salad

Tricolour salad is one of the welcome tricolor recipes during Independence day! You can prepare it using crunchy carrots, cucumber, white radish. You can use honey, soy sauce, or olive oil for dressing. Tricolour salad is ready in a jiffy.

Tricolour Sandwiches

For orange color, grated carrots are mixed with mayonnaise. For the green layer, mix green chutney and paneer. Place plain white bread in between. And cut it across to form a Tricolour. Serve it immediately.

Tricolour Pasta

Pasta is one of the favorite food of kids. How about the preparation of tricolor pasta using carrots, broccoli, and onions for this Independence day. Kids will be more excited with the colors it will give upon.

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Tricolour Dhokla

Divide dhokla batter into 3 parts. For the green batter: 1 cup of plain batter mixed with spinach puree. For the orange batter: add orange food color or tomato puree will do the job.

Steam the dhokla batter separately and arrange the pieces to form a Tricolour. And you will fall in love with this being one of the best tricolor recipes.

Tricolour Pulao

tricolour recipes

Divide pulao rice separately and in one portion, add lots of carrots, red capsicum to form orange color rice. In another part, add green capsicum, broccoli, or spinach to make green rice. Arrange the portion one below the other to form a Tricolour. It will be fun to eat tricolor rice during this season.

Tricolour Cheesecake

tricolour recipes

Tricolour cheesecake is an exciting dish for kids. You will need crushed biscuits for this recipe. Add edible colors to thick cream and mix well to form bright colors of orange and green. Arrange in such a way to form Tricolour and then refrigerate it for few hours and cut it and serve. I am sure you will love and enjoy this Tricolour cheesecake.

Final Words

Tricolour recipes are best made during Independence day, which makes both kids and adults enjoy this season, and we can teach our kids about patriotism towards our country. Tricolour is 3 colors, and using these 3 colors; we can prepare a large number of recipes. There are many vegetables and fruits which you can use to form tricolor recipes. Let’s enjoy this Independence day with tricolor recipes that make us happy and satisfied!!!

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