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My Dearest Little Love: A Letter to My Six-Month-Old

Today marks six months since you came into our lives, my dear child, and it seems as though time has flown by in the blink of an eye. It feels like only yesterday that you were born, a fragile bundle of joy that I held in my arms, but now you have grown so much in these past six months. You have become strong and determined, unafraid to voice your desires and fight for what you want.

I will always treasure every single day of these past six months, as they have been the most memorable months of my life. Watching you grow and develop has been a joy like no other, and I am constantly in awe of the person you are becoming.

Your First Two Months

As I look back on the first month of your life, my dear child, I can’t help but recall the sleepless nights that we spent together. Yet, despite the fatigue that inevitably accompanies the early days of motherhood, I cherished every moment spent with you, nestled in my arms.

You had a habit of making the most adorable expressions in your sleep, from smiles to tears, and I eagerly awaited the day when I could see those same expressions on your face while you were awake. And when that day finally arrived, it was a moment that I will never forget – your smile lit up the entire room and filled my heart with joy.

As you grow up, my little one, you will come to know that your maasi has gifted you a special photo frame where we will capture your growth each month until your first birthday. But what you may not know yet is that we have taken a photo of you every single day since you were born – a testament to how much you have captured our hearts.

While I was at your Nani’s place in those early weeks, I had the support of almost seven people who were dedicated to ensuring your well-being. And while your naanu and maamu may have sometimes been overprotective, it was only because they loved you so much. No one can ever doubt that I am a caring and attentive mother, especially to a baby as sweet and adorable as you.

Although the first month was challenging, it was also filled with love and laughter. And as the weeks went by, you started sleeping through the night, easing my worries and allowing me to fully cherish every moment spent with you. Looking back on those two months, I am so grateful for the time that we had together with our family members, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Third & Fourth Month

As your third month began, it was a new phase of our journey together, and this time, it was just your dad and me. We were a bit nervous, but also excited to take on this new challenge of being a family of three. You were growing so fast, and every day brought new milestones, like the time when you almost fell off the bed. I remember feeling my heart skip a beat and being so grateful that you were okay. I was surprised that you had managed to roll over to the corner of the bed because I hadn’t seen you do that before. From that day on, I started placing pillows around the edges of the bed to prevent any accidents.

As you grew bigger and stronger, your personality started to shine through. You had the most infectious laugh and the most beautiful smile that could light up a room. You loved it when people talked to you and would make the most adorable faces in response. It was like you knew exactly what was going on around you and were always ready to join in on the fun.

Then the day came when we had to leave Bathinda and move to Delhi, and I was anxious about how we will shift to a new home with a newborn, I was worried if I will be able to handle shifting along with you, but you know what, that happened too with much ease because of two reasons. One is your Divya maasi, and another is you darling because you never bothered me and you kept yourself busy by seeing your own little hands, smiling looking at us, playing by rolling over and sometimes watching your favourite mary & spanny rhymes.

And, oh, how friendly you were! You never failed to greet anyone who stopped to say hello, even if you didn’t know them. Your gurgles and smiles would light up their faces and warm their hearts. You were truly a ray of sunshine in our lives, and we were so blessed to have you.

Your Fifth Month

As you entered your fifth month, we noticed that you had developed a keen interest in grabbing and exploring everything within your reach. You seemed to have an insatiable curiosity and would eagerly put anything you could get your tiny hands on into your mouth, including my face at times. We had named you Hitarth and given you the adorable nicknames like Chiku and Harry, but we never called you or addressed you by these names, & we had started calling you ‘Guggu’, which you soon began to respond to as well.

At this stage, we had heard that some babies start crawling at around five or six months old. However, despite all our efforts to encourage you, you didn’t seem to be interested in crawling. We had been told by some people that some babies skipped the crawling phase altogether and went straight to walking, so we weren’t overly concerned about it. We soon realized that you had found your own unique way of getting around, using your tummy to propel yourself forward. It was fascinating to see you explore the world around you and discover new things, all on your own terms.

Your Sixth Month

As you entered your sixth month, it was clear that you had developed a strong attachment to your dad, as evidenced by the joyful smiles that light up your face whenever he arrives home from work. The two of you share a special bond that is a delight to witness. Maybe it’s his fun and playful nature or the way he lets you look at his mobile games, but you clearly enjoy his company tremendously.

You’re already showing a fierce determination to get moving, eager to bounce and stand whenever you’re held. When you can’t reach something, you let out a frustrated yelp of irritation, as if demanding that the world adapt to your desires. You’re also becoming more dexterous, using your tiny hands to grab everything in sight and put it straight into your mouth.

Your favorite place to be is on your front, where you can kick around and pull yourself along the floor to explore every nook and cranny of the room. While some mothers may grow weary of constantly arranging their child’s toys after they have been scattered about, I never tire of doing this for you. In fact, I relish the opportunity to make sure everything is in its proper place, even after you’ve gleefully tossed them aside in search of new adventures.

You are now Half a Year 

As I watch you grow and develop each day, my heart swells with love and pride. You are such a bundle of joy and energy, and I feel so blessed to be able to witness every little milestone you achieve.

I remember when you were just a newborn, so fragile and delicate, and now you’re already rolling over and kicking your little legs with such enthusiasm. Watching you explore your surroundings and learn about the world around you is truly magical.

Even in your sleep, you never stop moving, twisting and turning like a little compass searching for your direction. And when I call your name, you wake up with such eagerness, ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

Sometimes I find myself yearning for the future, imagining you walking, running, and talking. But then I remember to cherish these precious moments we have together, because soon you’ll be all grown up and these days will be but a distant memory.

I promise to capture every moment of your life, to document your growth and all the wonderful things you’ll achieve. Your toothless grins, your adorable squeaks, and your never-ending kicking legs will always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

As you continue to grow, I pray that you stay blessed and continue to entertain us with your joy and wonder. You are truly a gift from above, and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

I love you, baby.

Forever and always,


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