Maternity Photoshoot

Tips To Get A Creative & Flawless Maternity Photoshoot

The journey of pregnancy is undoubtedly an overwhelming one. So, every mother wants to restore the memories forever. When the child grows up and sees the maternity pictures, the kid will get elated, and the mother will feel nostalgic. The baby bump looks too cute, and a maternity photoshoot is a must-have.

Get A Perfect Maternity PhotoShoot

The Correct Time

The first question that comes to mind while shooting for maternity pictures is, “what is the right time?” So, it would be perfect if you choose to shoot during your third trimester or after 30 weeks because the baby bump will be more prominent then.

Include Family Members

Welcoming a baby is incomplete without having a family by your side. You can take your partner in the pictures and capture the loveable bond. While shooting for the maternity pictures, you can come up with your parents or include your pet in the pictures. The inclusion of family members will enhance the beauty of the shoot on another level.

What to Wear

The ideal dress for a maternity photoshoot is wearing something flowy or A-line dress. It should be tight at the belly and must touch the ground. No one will judge whether you have gained weight or look chubby at this phase. You look perfect and glow different during pregnancy days. So, stay happy and keep a smiling face. To enhance the beauty of the shoot, the mother can also put on some floral crowns; it will look too cute. Click here to check out some beautiful maternity dresses.

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Where to Shoot

It will look the best if the shots are taken outdoor. You can shoot in the garden or terrace or whatever you want. If you can travel, you can shoot in seabeach too provided the mother is ok, and there is no health issue. Do not worry much, if the weather is bad, suppose it is raining. These raindrops can also make your maternity photoshoot magical. The images will look good, the background will look nicer, and everything will seem perfect. But there are many options if you want to take indoor pictures; you can go for some theme or make baby’s nursery room.

Hiring a Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer to click baby bump pictures or videos is a must. It always helps if you are well aware of his previous works. The experienced person will be able to capture your best shot with more perfection and on a flawless note.

Using Props

You can use different types of props to make your maternity shoot flattering like a toddler t-shirt, toys, balloons, or even tiny shoes. You and your partner can use some ‘Mom to Be’, Dad to Be’ or ‘95% Loading’ letter boards. Also, you can have some sonogram pictures too, which will make the shoot more emotional. You would get some fantastic props in the below link.

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Ideal Time of The Day

Timing is one of the most vital parts of capturing the beautiful moments during maternity photoshoot. Photographers generally prefer to take pictures in the sunlight. As the sunlight makes the pictures look more and more vibrant and eye-soothing.

How to Pose

There is no need to shoot for 40 different poses. Posing for extra shots can make her look tired, which will not be right. The best shots can be taken using hands to highlight the belly, keeping hands and face away from the body. The pregnancy phase is enjoyable, so the mother needs to have fun while shooting rather than posing and being conscious. Though, getting creative is the best idea to shoot the pictures. You can use wide lenses or use some quilts blankets, or if you stand on a high stool, it will make the belly look bigger.

Appoint a Makeup Artist

If a mother feels comfortable putting on makeup at this point, she can surely go for it to create one beautiful and elegant maternity photoshoot. But the makeup should be more minimal and nude. The mother can ask the artist to style her hair, which will make her look more pretty.

Take Selfies

Last but not the least, if you are keen to take selfies, then go for taking selfies of your baby bump. You can set the camera, put the timer on and take the selfies as much as you want. If you want, you can also take pictures in front of the mirror.

What’s Important

Pregnancy is an outstanding journey full of emotions, excitement, and many changes in the mind and body. After all, a tiny human is growing inside you! You get emotional from the day you hear its heartbeat for the very first time. Gradually, it grows and grows, and you can feel the baby moving inside you. So, it is a spectacular feeling. To commemorate this remarkable journey, go for the maternity photoshoot. A Big Thumbs Up!

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