Moms, “Me-Time” Is The Best Time!!

Dear Amma,

Hope you are doing good. You know what today I am so happy. Finally i have won over a major discussion. Guess ! What! Iam going to the reunion of our school mates. Sriram( my hubby) has agreed to take care of kids. He had to go to office tour on that Sunday. Thank god Amma his boss told that it was not on this Sunday but next weekend. And you know ma, my inlaws are going to Arun s  home ( my husband s brother) for 2 weeks. So even that tension we dont have. And moreover Varsha and Vaibhav s exam s ( my kids) are over. So iam relieved and nothing to worry.  Now no one can stop me from enjoying with my friends.Amma how you always

felt that i couldn’t get any free time from my family.  How many times you felt that my life has become like yours. You have not got any free time leave alone “me time”. You never knew what was that. Every day was the same. You worked hard to keep us happy and satisfied. You used to prepare lots of food. In our home Karthik ( my brother) was completely different than me specially when it comes to your cooking.

You always prepared both my favourite dish and his favourite one. Appa was always in diet, you cooked diet for him too. Amma how did u do so much amount of work single handed. Iam having maid to take care certain works but iam not able to do my job. You cultivated good qualities. Though you didnt have ‘n’ number of degrees on your were back but you were master of many.

But Mumma iam happy today , iam finally going to make it. So many years I have not gone anywhere leaving my family. A joint family, two kids have left me without any choice. And this time I will enjoy my life to the fullest. Next letter i will share all my more “me” times. And iam sure you will be happy.

C u ma, regards to Appa
Will msg you later, bye

Finally the Sunday had arrived. I was super excited and got up from bed at 6a.m. Every one were sleeping.
I got up and made strong coffee. I felt happy sipping every drop. Today iam going to do something new, yes, meeting old friends all alone without family and enjoying ‘me’ time. The feeling was great!!.

My husband later got up. He whispered , you are glowing!!. I smiled and my husband and kids bid me good bye.
I felt as if i was flying in air.

Though this “me time ” was spending time with friends. Spending alone will all more interesting and refreshing.
This me- time was great affair. Every mom should have this. which boosts our energy and confidence!!.
Friends do read and like the story !!

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