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My Me Time Is To Show Myself Some Love..

A warm bath, a cup of coffee, some good music, my mobile phone and me..Ahhh! A perfect me time.

Well, we all need some “Me Time”, isn’t it? The entire day of completing targets for the family, taking care of kids, office work, cooking and much more, we do it all! But by the time everything this is done,we are totally out of energy. To re-fuel ourselves, we need to invest in some “Me Time” and trust me, you are just good to start all fresh the next day.

Let me mention here, I have a 5 year and 8 months old son, who is in the Autism spectrum and for me I spend a lot of time with him. I take his therapy classes, since everything is online now and then do those activities with him later. Some days, he goes into terrible meltdown and I have to handle that. I also spend a lot of time with him helping him with his academics. It’s a routine for me and hence, I make sure to take out some time only for myself everyday. I need it badly to make myself feel good.

Lets say, how do I spend my me time. So, here it is:

1. I love reading and I read a lot. It makes me happy and also I get to keep myself updated. I spend a lot of time reading about fashion, about self care and also I read books on special needs parenting.

2. I love writing. So, I make sure I write something daily. It keeps me happy and is like an addiction for me.

3. Since these days I am unable to go out shopping to malls. I have joined a few online shopping groups and watch some live selling everday. It is like a retail therapy for me. Not that I buy clothes daily, but I feel happy watching the live sessions.

4. Fashion is one of my passion. So, I spend time daily researching on latest fashion trends and some days I dress up and click few pictures and post them on my social networking pages. I love doing it.

5. When I get too bored, I go for a haircut and also change my hairstyle. I have tried coloring several times and a makeover is so refreshing.

6. I also meet my friends over weekends and have some fun time. Even if that’s rare, but still I make sure I take out time for that.

7. Every night I watch netflix, amazon prime, hotstar or youtube. I watch some movies or a series.

I personally feel, every mother or infact every woman should take out time for themselves and engage in something they love doing. It will make you happy, trust me.

If you love travelling, which most of us love doing. Plan a trip and go for it. Spend some days away from home, and enjoy yourselves. Wear clothes you love on your vacation, eat food you love, do some shopping and forget all your worries. Travel is an amazing therapy and we all need it. A break from regular routine is very important, else life would become too boring and life is too short to be bored.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did, I would love to write more for you. I call it a wrap here with a quote “You do not find a happy life, you make it”, so let’s make ourselves happy.?

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