”Dreams Unlimited”

It was a Sunday morning & I wasn’t a bit relaxed. I was nervous, and anxiousness filled every cell of the body. Elders were around, comforting me & assuring me everything is going to be fine. But my mind refused to register anything. The doctor arrived and accompanied me to the operation theatre. After an hour, everything changed. I was reborn as a mother to a delicate child – so tiny, so adorable with pink lips. The image of my darling is so fresh in my memory that I refuse to come out of those priceless moments.

As I was replaying those moments with a smile, I realized, life is really fast-paced. Time is so precious. We live only for the moment, but the memories made are for a lifetime. My little princess has grown up too fast & gave me numerous invaluable lessons in parenting.

I can proudly say that she has always taught me patience, acceptance, unfollow stereotypes & always prioritize her happiness over everything else. It is time to realize that we are mere caregivers of God’s gift to us. We can’t make them live the way we want. One childhood and they have every right to live the way they want. They have the liberty to choose their dress, food, friends, and many more.

As she inched a year ahead, we had a family day filled with laughter, smiles, sweets & loads of open talks. What surprised us most was her desire to join the Indian Army. Though we laughed it out at first, we realized she was quite serious about it & have gone ahead and seen various videos on commando training. Her willingness to put up with the pressures of training was astonishing. As parents, we were definitely impressed with it.

None of us know what the future holds for us. What is a thought today may be a path tomorrow. What is a talk today may be a silly dream as we grow up. However, as ever-supportive parents, we gave her hearty blessings to do whatever she wishes to.

All we said was, at least one person from our family thinks differently, and maybe a daughter in Army will make us proud one day. We have enough engineers, doctors & CA. Time to see beyond cliche professions & normal life.

Heartfelt gratitude to the almighty for choosing us to parent a unique & brave child?

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