My Baby Girl Taught Me The Importance Of Girls

I always wanted a boy as a second one too. Yes, You read it right.

I wanted 2 sons. Not anything against daughters or girls.
I love girls. I wanted boys because I want to make the life of 2 girls by bringing them to my home.

Ultimately, We girls have to leave our parents to set our home. Right?

In my first pregnancy, I had nausea throughout.

The day I was going for the delivery too, I had vomited, and only then I went to the delivery room.

I used to have breakfast I will puke,
Lunch, Puke
Tea, Puke
Dinner, Puke

Normal Apple Pomegranate, I used to puke.


Meri Beti, Chhupi thi mere andar

Till 2 months, I didn’t even realize that I have someone inside my stomach.

Poor baby allowed me for everything.

I got the news that my Mom got fractures when I missed my periods

So, Mera ghar, mummy ka tabiyat
Everything I was taking care running around

For 6 weeks, My mom was on bed rest, and my baby allowed me to do everything literally.

At the time of My boy, I was unconscious till noon 2.00 pm. My Mother In Law was on her trip.

My Mumma, too, was somewhere else, and I was all alone with my husband and Father In Law.

By default, Men don’t know anything about these things.

They thought I was sleeping.

Then coincidentally, my mother in law called, and my husband then told her that, ”She is still sleeping.” And this was when My mom in law asked him to hurry up and see what happened and ask her to eat something.

My baby doll never troubled me like this; I ate almost all my favorites.

1 week before the delivery, I felt like having ice cream. My husband bought me a small scoop, so I don’t catch a cold.

And I literally felt ”ye Shona (My daughter) ko mai aur thoda din mere pass hi rakhu.”

I sang a lot much karaoke when I was pregnant for the second time.

I used to listen to many upanyasams, and till today, I read my boy stories before sleeping.

I used to tell him stories from Ramayana, as I wanted my kids to be like Ram and Lakshman.

”Undivided, Loving, Caring, Affectionate with each other, Correct each other when one is wrong, Respect the elder brother.”

My daughter used to kick me while I narrate ‘Kishkinda kand and Sundar kand.’???

As in, Vaanar hona to womb se hi fixed tha.

And I believe a girl after a boy is ought to be boyish, maybe.

But mera man to dusra bhi ladka hi chah ta tha.
I love being with people.
So just imagine
Mere 4 bachon ke sath
Deliver to
Shadi kar ke 2 likar aajo.
Then unke kids
I was like, wow

Then the day came when I delivered my second one.

It was a girl.

Nothing changed; Mom’s love for her kids will always be the same.

I started dreaming of making her wear all those dresses that I wanted to wear once.

& What not.?”

When I think of her marriage, I cry ???

But then, I tell myself, ‘Why bother?’

She will be mine till I am here. I understood the other side of the coin now.

”Ladki ghar aa sakti hai
Mummy ke sath so Sakti hai.”

Days are not like the old ones when girls hardly used to come home.

”Aaj to phone hai
Video call hai, then
Why worry?

I enjoy her singing, talking, She imitates me, And I feel, WOW!

”Mera aanghan uske palyalon ke cham cham se bhara bhara rekta hai
Mere shaders mai hamesha uske hath necklace ke Jaise rakhte hai
Why worry about the future and miss my precious days with her.

I love my kids, Impartially.

And, My daughter, who is just 2 and a 1/2, will drag me from the kitchen and say, ”Mumma, Mere baju mai bhait Jao, Khana Kha lo, So Jao mummy.”

I feel she is my mother and not me.

Unconditional love

Beti hi to ghar sambhalti hai.

”Mera ghar meri beti ke hasi ki aavaz se
Paappa, pappa,
Chikhne chilla ne see bhara hua rehta hai.
My Better half is the sweetest heart for my kids.

Last but not least, I would say,

”Long live all daughter’s, Har Ghar mai dono Bache important hai;

Ladka Bhi
Ladki Bhi

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