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Should Self Discipline & Punishment Be Understood As Synonyms?

As a parent we have discussed that self-discipline isn’t controlling your ward, instead, it’s guiding a child towards betterment. To control oneself is what discipline means. Kids are better equipped during competition and challenges when they learn self-discipline and control. Following a healthy lifestyle and stress management are the features of a lifetime achievement. A healthy lifestyle and better choices in your absence are the defined essence of self-control.

A child’s well-behaved nature is the essence of self-control and guidance and support. Choices made good on self-assessment are the basic concept of the topic. Your ward’s capability of coping with the environment and circumstances is your success with guidance and assistance.

Responding respectably to the elders, teachers and children is what we expect. Self-discipline, control and care are the triggers of self-management.

To Teach Kids Self Discipline Is An Act Of Reincarnation And Not Of Reinforcement

Well said. Right…

Reincarnation of oneself into a confident and self-dependent personality. Creating introverts and pessimists isn’t self-discipline. Instilling positivity in kids should be a major part of discipline.

Disciplining Should Not Be Misunderstood As A Synonym Of Punishment

One must pace up the act of disciplining as per the child’s grasping capabilities. All cannot master everything. These kids are small moons and stars. They will shine when their time comes. Stop bothering them for the sake of your show off and ego.

Some teachers/parents may misunderstand disciplining for the reason to punish. Is it really so? Our time, your time etc. are just your misconceptions. Try to deal with the smarter generation smartly and with elegance. Be mature enough to give them a chance to say a word. They might have a different perspective.

Negative Impacts Of Punishment ( Physical And Mental)

Innocent little beings hold their teachers and parents as their role models. Hence, it’s your responsiveness towards different situations that influence them and boost their attitudes either positively or negatively. Physical and mental torture or abuse may damage their mental and social growth. Being violent at times may make them learn the same for no purpose.

  • Psychological traumas for life can be the prior effect of punishment.
  • Punishment or violence may hamper parent and child relations.
  • Aggressive and violent behaviour of the children is often seen in such cases.
  • A feeling of isolation and hatred may be instilled that may give birth to a pessimistic approach.
  • The feeling of being worthless may lead to suicidal tendencies and split personality disorder.
  • Loss of a child’s self-esteem and dignity is the probable effect of harsh attitudes and actions towards children.

Teaching and making a child aware of the expected behaviour is the main purpose of disciplining and that should be done with care and affection.

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