My Second Pregnancy || Journey of Challenges || All’s Well That Ends Well

1st of April, 2021, around 5 a.m.I didn’t know that my world was going to be different altogether after 10 minutes.
It’s not about any movie but about my second pregnancy news, which I have got on this day. I was overwhelmed and, with teary eyes went to my husband andand whispered in his ear ,YES !!!!!

He got it but suddenly a silence was there because we were not prepared for this.Somewhere in my heart I was scared because loads of questions were there in mind as it was my second pregnancy. As a mother to 5 year old girl already, I was like how it gonna be after the second baby to her.

But God has always other plans.

For almost a week we were in dilemma that how we will continue with this as loads of anxiety and fear was there related to my 5 year old.

We didn’t disclose it to anyone neither gone to any doctor. Infact, we both were on our workplaces .That time covid second wave was at peak .Everything was on mobile or video call with everyone. My school was working but after some time everything was shut due to a pandemic.

My doctor visit was also not there as we were scared to go outside. But to get ourselves sure we have gone for a blood test. The reports were awaited and it was POSITIVE.We were pregnant for the second time and informed in the family.

Although I have got to know too late when I missed my period cycle but with severe pain in lower abdomen. It was different from regular pain.I am having thyroid problem too, so generally my cycle gets delayed.But this pain made me crazy and that’s how I have gone for the pregnancy test.

The first trimester was like hell as loads of pain and disturbed eating schedule went on.I was getting weak day by day.Then in June, 21 my first doctor visit finally happened. That time I have started my work again as everything started opening after 3 months.

Since my second trimester I was complaining pain in private part alot plus number of problems. The doctor suggested to go for ultrasound. We did and found that my placenta is low lying that is why I had terrible pain.
That time was ok , I was managing my work and home with pain ofcourse.

But in the beginning of July’21, that pain was like hell and we went for another ultrasound which cleared that somehow pain is due to some internal bleeding.

That day doctor and we were almost like whether I would be able to carry on this pregnancy or not.

And yes the fear took a turn when the doctor said you have to be on complete bed rest as it’s getting risky for baby.From then all the problems getting bigger day by day.

I was on heavy medications and injections for continuing this pregnancy.

In the month of August’21, my situation was like could not manage to get washroom sometimes .The pain after injections was hell.

Adding worst to my condition, during this pregnancy I was not able to drink milk due to its smell.I couldn’t eat chapati properly as my stomach always felt like full Although I was hungry all the time.

Lots of pain in legs ,backache ,restlessness and rashes on the body was a regular thing in last semester.

As people say second trimester is the best and safe period of anyone’s pregnancy but mine was the opposite. I was on bed with no help due to pandemic and a 5year old daughter to look after.

I was almost in tears that why I am not able to enjoy second pregnancy like my first. My expected delivery month was November that too in end. So you can imagine from July to November I was supposed to be in bed .I was so sad and felt like lifeless.

But my online classes made me alive .Although I did it with loads of pain and uneasiness.

But as said no gain without pain.

This pain was worth it when you see your students smile .When you see your daughter is super excited for her sibling’s arrival. Her level of excitement was beyond measures.

We were preparing her for the Lil one’s arrival. Her classes, homework, food and what not kept me busy.Amidst of my pain ,I sometimes used to say myself that whatever is coming my way will be more beautiful.

A life within you for the second time gave me goosebumps as it was difficult pregnancy. This time it was full of turns and turmoils. I couldn’t go outside, all thanks to covid ( I hate you corona ) .Secondly I couldn’t go to mayka often to get more pampered by my mother ofcourse.

Thirdly no junk food was allowed as my stomach was not good that time.

Fourthly, due to ill health I couldn’t dress up myself properly.

Fifthly, all the festivals was there and again did not celebrate any properly due to bed rest.

Then at the end of September, my pains were getting terrible and we were afraid after talking to doctor that will it be premature delivery. But somehow I was determined that no I will bear the pain and had lots of injections to continue my pregnancy.

In the month of October ,I took maternity leave to take more rest as I was stressed due to health, baby and work. This whole month the movements of baby was very disturbing, so we had to go to the doctor again and again. I was not eating well and baby’s growth was also not upto the mark. Again that fear of premature delivery came into mind and doctor said that be prepared.

I was like it’s in the end of November and it’s just the middle of October.

We prepared ourselves according to the doctor but yes that fear of premature baby was very scary.But God gave us some more time.

I entered into last month of my pregnancy with loads of difficulties and went a week ahead. Since start, I wanted to go for normal delivery but doctor was like first was c sec then second will be same.

Me and my husband was like no we will see the pain and all.We will wait but situations were not in our hands.Although ,I had milk with ghee to get normal delivery, walking, working or what not to get my child delivered normal.

But all went in vain as one before my delivery, ultrasound came lil alarming.It said that water was less and baby is at risk then we should go for immediate operation.

We then discussed with some doctors that if we can wait for some more time or not. But due to situations getting worsen ,it was decided to happen on the 1st of November, but we wanted to get it done on the 2nd ( it was an auspicious occasion of dhanteras and my husband’s grandfather died on the same day ).

And it happened, people in the family were like, ” Ajay ke dadaji waapis aa Gaye ” .

All that pains got its worth as I was having a healthy baby boy by my side, slightly preterm.

I thanked God for this happiness 😊 and I wish every woman will have this greatest blessing of God.

People say it right that it makes a woman complete.

I can say it with pride and gratitude that Yes, I AM COMPLETE AFTER MY PREGNANCY 2.0.

With love

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