Poor Parenting Results Good At Times

Nakshatra, Born to middle-class parents but was bought up poor. She was not given most of the facilities. For example, no room of her own, no books to read, no good education. Her father was not drunker but still made a lot of drama in paying her fees. New dresses were only once a year that too for Diwali.

She was always asked to do sweeping, flooring, utensils, & going out with friends was not allowed, no fun at all in her life.

She wanted to grow up as quickly as she can.

It is said that “Girls are born mothers.” The quality to nurture can always be found in her. Nakshatra was one of them.

She could not get qualified as per her wish. She could not work as per her wish. She could not marry the person she loved. Has this been a man? Maybe he would have left the house, do whatever satisfied him?

Taking care of parents who did not satisfy your hierarchy is something that was her quality. She had only love on her heart. She did not like to look back in anger.

She was an efficient and god-fearing person. She believed that her account should be with put a spot. She should not be answerable to even a god.

Days came when she started taking care of the family post her marriage. She so well handled responsibilities that both the houses have no complaint against her.

Nakshatra had never traveled in a rickshaw; she would walk miles for her college. But today, her parents take a trip in a car.

She learned from her life that, by giving, you earn more satisfaction than by living for yourself.

Money is of no use when you don’t have people. Each one has its own traits. One can only help, whereas the other can only receive.

We all raise our kids with more than what they want. They would want 1 pen we will buy 10. Just because we didn’t have enough, we don’t want our children to walk on the path that we crossed.

We parents of this generation believe that child should be given more than it requires. And there was this girl, Nakshatra, who got almost nothing from her parents. Gradually, she understood that giving is a pleasure. She took care of her parents as she knew how one feels when ignored.

Here my message to everyone is, saying No to your child Is not always wrong. They learn how to yearn for things. When they wait for something, and then they get it, that will be sweeter.

They understand others feeling, and hurting others will not be easy. When we give and only give, receiving becomes a habit.
When they do get, they can easily hurt others.

So, say no to your kids often.

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