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Most often than not, we Moms are always judged for all the choices we consciously make for our child as a Mother. Certain beliefs and people love putting a Mother to shame every now and then for everything she does with all the love and care in her heart for her child.

“Keeping the baby always in diaper shows how you are not at all concerned for your baby’s health!” ?

“Baby is weening off so soon; what sort of a mother are you? “?

“Formula milk for baby, why can’t you produce enough breast milk? “?

“Oh, you had a C-section, escaped through the easiest way! “? (What really????)

“Is your job more important than your child?” ?

“It’s not about you anymore; the baby should be your priority now!”?

Do these remarks seems normal to you, or do you encounter them too regularly from friends, family, or even strangers?

(At least I have ?)

Then you are being ‘Mom Shamed,’ my friend.?

Mom Shaming is so common and often thought of as harmless advising, whereas it is just the opposite in the real sense.

When you question a Mom about the choices she has made for her child, you are also questioning the love and care a Mom has for her child, which is thought of as the highest selfless love in the world. A Mom is scared herself not to bring any harm to her child knowingly or unknowingly, but society and the people never bothering about the feelings of a woman who just turned a Mother burden her with unsolicited advice, outdated ill practices, shaming her decisions, questioning her virtue and putting a label at her love to a level when she herself loses confidence in herself and starts living in self-doubt. ?

What’s the way out, you ask….??

My personal favorite is just being the Boss lady; recognize your worth, place, value, and appreciate yourself. Cherish each day with your baby. Listen to everyone but don’t forget to put up your side of the story with equal determination and clarity. There no harm in advising someone, but a piece of unsolicited advice is never welcomed and well-received. Be open to new practices and age-old traditions, which suit you and your baby; that’s your best bet.

My advice to all Mothers

Listen to your instincts and your doctors. Times have changed, bringing about ample changes in parenting perspective and technique. The things that were thought of seriously before are now well-known to be easily avoidable. The intellectual level of children is reaching the roof with each day, the rise in nuclear families, increasing inflation, degrading nature, limited resources, and space are just some contributing factors.?

We can only do little to control these, but there is something you can definitely do.?

Just trust the instinct that God blessed you with the moment you became a Mother.? Every Mom and their child is different and unique from the other. There are a few common practices that you can try, but it ultimately depends upon you how you wish to raise your child, and only you know what circumstances and help do you have while raising your kid. ?

Don’t sweat much, take care of yourself, and stay happy and healthy too, because only a happy, healthy, and well-rested Mother can raise a happy and healthy child.

For all those who question your choices and decision, just say, “EITHER IT’S MY WAY OR HIGHWAYS !!”

End of the story, nobody will bother you again if you once stand up for yourself.

Have you ever been Mom-Shamed? If yes, jot down your experience below; let’s name and shame them, not let it happen the other way around.

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