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The Day When My Dream Came True

My whole life had changed when my daughter Dishani took birth. I was a person who used to study, and in search to learn new things. I got married after getting a government job, so I conceived much late than usually, girls do. I always dreamed of having a lovely daughter, who will be like me. But during the time of conceiving, I got to know I had many complications in my body.

I, my husband tried to conceive for years and went to several doctors to solve our problem. The mental dilemma I went through when I couldn’t have a baby was really bad. I loved babies very much. On one fine day, when I found I was pregnant, that feeling was top of the world. The best gift I could have ever. But That was not the end. During my delivery, I had to make several injections and go through medications for my baby’s safety.

Soon things turned out to be in my favor. I was blessed with a small, bubbly girl. She is an extremely good girl, since childhood and an obedient girl. I use to go to my office daily by 10 am and she had to do things on her own. From a very small age, my kid started feeding her food and dressing herself alone. I hardly could give her time due to my office hours. My daughter was such a good kid that she never complained about our absence. She used to stay in her world. I kept a maid when she was 3 years old. Since then, my maid Savita took care of her.

I always wanted to be a mother, but never knew being a mother was such a big responsibility. Good education, clothes, and living is not the only thing your kids deserve. You need to understand your kid, his or her feelings, mental need, and some quality time. I struggled a lot to fulfill my beliefs, but I tried to communicate with her daily.

After few years, my health started deteriorating. In the past few years, I am suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. Life has never been this challenging to me. I barely can walk and suffer from pain now and then. But due to my financial condition, I have to go office. Doctors have asked for permanent bed rest or knee replacement. But the sad irony is, I can’t afford it.

Today, life is really tough for me, especially the way I walk and still go to work. I do all the household chores alone. I daily cook, do all the duties a household woman does after returning from the office. But my daughter and husband are my mental peace. When I see them happy, I feel my purpose in life is fulfilled. They support me every way they can. I feel proud when I see my daughter steadily succeeding in her dreams. She is now studying in a college and does all the curricular activities, I loved. She is an exceptionally good human being.

Through this story, I am trying to pass on a message to every mother “No matter what may happen, believe in your own strength”.

Life is unpredictable and always challenging, but never forget who you are, what you can do and stay happy with what you have.

Namita Aggarwal

I'm a devoted full-time mom and part-time blogger, passionate about nurturing my 4-year-old and expressing myself through writing. Amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, I steal moments to immerse myself in the world of words and ideas. Through my blog and online communities, I find solace, knowledge, and connection with fellow parents. Balancing caregiving and writing fuels my growth and brings fulfillment. As a reader, I value the power of shared experiences and wisdom found in blogs. I am also an art person, and I take art classes for kids, allowing me to nurture their creativity and explore the world of colors and shapes together. Let's embark on this digital journey together, celebrating the joys and navigating the challenges of parenthood while embracing the artistic side of life.

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