A Proud Moment

I still remember my kid was in his pre kg. It was his first school annual day program. As of the pre kg, children were sorted for a fancy dress competition. My son was beautifully dressed up like a Punjabi boy. He looked so cute and adorable. I made him learn his speech in Punjabi entirely about their introduction, culture, and food with full-on struggle. I know it was a big deal to his age, but I had a little confidence in him that he can do it somewhere or other.

And finally, at the event, he eagerly waited for his turn. I assumed that all the music and lights definitely scare him. On the contrary, he seemed to enjoy it. He walked slowly on the ramp wide-eyed and a little clueless but kept saying balle -balle how a proper Punjabi guy says. All this without dropping whatever he was carrying, without getting frozen, without crying or creating any fuss. All the while maintaining his position in the queue, and then it was the time I am totally astonished he started speaking more frequently than what I have taught him. It was a tremendous performance that he didn’t miss out on a single word; all the audience started clapping very loudly.

My heart swelled up with pride. I know my son hadn’t received a gold medal or had not done anything extraordinary. Yet I was proud. It is a moment that I shall cherish forever. His first stage appearance was special to me and always will be. Irrespective of all his for the achievements rewards and accomplishment. I am thrilled that he was awarded the first prize in the competition. Really I am proud of my son. I love you, beta.

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  1. Manoj Bhesetty says:

    Keep charming my boy!! Best wishes ♥️

    1. Poornima Beesetti says:

      Thank you so much brother..

    2. Suresh says:

      Super and keep rocking…

      1. Poornima Beesetti says:

        Thank you so much mam

      2. Poornima says:

        Thank you so much

  2. Kartik says:


    1. Poornima says:

      Thank you

  3. Hymaramachandra says:

    Superb raa…You have an extraordinary skills…Just keep going…All the best…

    1. Aditya Karri says:

      Very well depicted…

      1. Poornima Beesetti says:

        Thank you so much

  4. Sharmila Yellapu says:

    Nice one?

    1. Supriya says:


    2. Poornima says:

      Thank you so much ?

  5. Namrata says:

    More power to you girl….Great going… Will wait for more… Good luck❤️

    1. Poornima says:

      Thank you so much mam.

  6. Supriya says:


    1. Poornima says:

      Thank you so much mam

      1. Venkateswara Reddy Bora says:

        Good talented boy, keep it up

    2. Akhil says:


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