What is Motherhood? It’s Re-living, Re- learning Your Life Again

It’s more than just seeing at your baby and saying “Aww” how cute he/she is.

It’s sometimes feeling “Ohh no” why did I become a mother.

Motherhood is the journey that starts with pregnancy.

It’s about fear of not having proper food, thinking whether my baby is getting adequate nutrition or not inside me.

Overthinking what I should eat and what not to have a healthy baby.

Then many discomforts like a hell lot of gastric problems, heartburns and sleepy mornings, and sleepless nights.

My husband was surprised to see me Cleaning the racks and making spaces for the one who’s gonna come soon.

I am the one who has never ever vomit in her entire life, but I vomited for an entire trimester during my pregnancy.

It’s about late-night cravings of chocolates / ice-creams/ golgappas to not feeling like having anything. Not being able to sleep at all in normal sleeping posture due to big tummy and just pretending to sleep to make others sleep at night.

And then the big day comes, and you are happy to see your little heart outside, but at the same time, you are confused about how you will manage with the kid and other work.

How you be able to grow your kid. Not only changing nappies and feeding the baby every time, but at the same time, you are suffering from other problems such as hair loss, physical discomfort, the pressure of household chores.

But all your discomforts and your pain go in vain when you see your baby in your arms for the 1st time.

But in the end, it’s all worth it when you see your kid/s growing at a fine pace. It’s much prettier to grow with them.

It’s all worth it when they teach you life lessons when they motivate you when you try those things which you were hesitant to do.

It’s an exceptional feeling seeing your heart (your baby, of course) rolling outside.

Your heart ponders so much that you forget all your so pains behind.

Motherhood is knowing about your strengths that you never knew you had.

Motherhood is a challenge for doing things you have never done.

Motherhood is never giving up on anything that revolves around your kid/s.

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