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Worry Not, If You Are Travelling With Kids – Here Are Some Tips & Tricks

Travelling with kids of less than five years would be a harrowing experience, especially when you are travelling alone with them and the long flight journeys for the first-time mommies. But, if we are well prepared, the travel will be easy peasy. I travelled to Los Angeles with my 11-month-old daughter, 23 hours altogether, and it was a hassle-free journey. Based on my experience, I have a few tips to share with all mommies preparing to travel with their little ones.

A Month Before Travel

Create a list of things to be carried along during the flight journey. It will prevent last-minute stress.


If you plan to give a new baby food variety during the travel, introduce it a month before your trip. That way, you know well in advance if your baby is allergic to that particular food or doesn’t like it at all. If your child is a picky eater, carry along with their choice of cookies or chocolate. If you are taking along fruits, make sure it is cut into pieces, discarding the seeds. Seeds are not allowed.

Medical Kit

Preparing a medical kit is one of the important things to remember, especially while travelling with kids, along with the doctor’s prescription, to be placed in the hand baggage. I would suggest syrup for fever, colic pain, saline drops, cough syrup (if needed), and diaper rash cream, depending upon your child’s age group. Please note that liquids more than 100 ml aren’t allowed.

Kangaroo Bag

If you are travelling with an infant, make sure you buy a kangaroo bag beforehand and make your baby sit in it. My little one hated to sit in the kangaroo bag in the beginning. But I never gave up. I used to put her in the kangaroo bag and take her for a walk every day, and eventually, she got comfortable sitting in it. If you feel your baby still shows discomfort even after training, switch to another brand. Make sure you buy a branded one; otherwise, you’ll end up having shoulder pain. Furthermore, check if the kangaroo bag is suitable for your child’s weight. There are different varieties and sizes available.

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Diaper Bag

travelling with kids

Things to be included in the diaper bag:

  • 4 to 5 diapers, travel size baby wipes, a small pack of face tissues, sanitizer (baby specific).
  • Three pairs of jumpers with hoodies that covers the ear well, an extra pair of mittens, A small, lightweight blanket (I prefer not to use an airline blanket for baby).
  • Their favorite toy, rhymes or cartoons.
  • For toddlers, pack their preferred books, one or two. International flights mainly provide a pocket-sized coloring book with 3-5 crayons which occupies your toddler for a few hours.
  • There is a wide selection of diaper bags. It’s better to get a backpack type than a handbag type. There is a possibility of losing or leaving it somewhere, by mistake.

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The Day of Journey

Take a Deep Breath & Relax. Pat yourself on the back for your courage. Double-check to make sure you have included the check listed items in the baby bag. The international flight timings would mostly be in the midnight or early morning. It’s okay if your child didn’t sleep that afternoon. It’s beneficial. In my case, in most of the journey, she slept 😊

Important Documents

While we are travelling with kids, we tend to forget essential documents because all our focus is on our kids. So, make sure you carry the passports and tickets in a handbag or easily accessible area in your carry-on bag before stepping out of the house.

Baby on Formula?

If your baby is on formula, make sure you carry an empty hot flask, formula, and bibs in a separate compartment that are easily accessible. Water more than 100 ml is not allowed. But it is not something to be concerned about. The flight attendant will provide you with hot water for mixing the formula if you hand them over the flask. So, there is no need to carry hot water separately.

Don’t Trust Bassinets

I don’t fully trust Bassinets. Many airline sites mention that the baby’s maximum weight to use bassinets is 11 kg. My baby was 8 kg, and they denied bassinet to her. To my pleasure, during the journey from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles, the seats were almost empty. There were hardly 15 people in the economy class. I grabbed an empty row and put her to sleep on a three-seater, with me sitting alongside.

Use Pacifier

While taking off, especially if you have an infant, use a pacifier or feed the baby with liquids as the pressure difference would cause ear discomforts. Doing this would make them comfortable and can prevent unnecessary squalling.

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Meals In Flight

Fret not! International flights provide child’s meals mostly with their favourites like mac n cheese, chocolates, French fries etc. There isn’t necessary to carry anything other than snacks for them. Airlines would provide Infants with fruits and veggies purees on the flight, refrigerated ones. They’ll mildly heat the purees on request. My daughter only had strawberry puree and never liked the Zucchini ones. If they don’t show any interest, don’t force-feed them and make them grumpy.

Don’t forget that cranky kid is equivalent to a nightmarish journey. If your child doesn’t eat food properly during the trip, it’s totally fine. But make sure they are well hydrated. Also, check here Best & Healthy Snacks To Carry While Travelling with kids.

Using Restroom

Change your baby’s diaper every three to four hours. If your kid is potty-trained, take her to the toilet, like every two hours. If your kid refuses to sit on the toilet, don’t force her. Maybe the kid is apprehensive about being in a smaller, closed area. Make your kid feel comfortable and then make her sit on the toilet; otherwise, your kid would never go to the bathroom throughout the journey. The air hostess had been an immense help to me. When I had to go to the washroom, they watched over my baby until I was back.

Worrying About Active Toddler?

If your toddler is hyperactive, engage her with activities they like the most. Some people don’t appreciate noisy kids or kids running along here and there, and they might complain to the air hostess. Check out some helpful activity toys for your kids while you are travelling.

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If Baby Is Crying Incessantly

If your day isn’t good and your infant is crying incessantly, it is an indication that something is bothering the little one. No one knows the baby better than their mums. First, check if the outfit is disturbing the baby in any way, like sharp hooks, zips etc. The cry will instantaneously stop if it is due to the attire. If in doubt, change the baby’s clothing immediately.

Babies have ways of crying for different issues. If the cry is due to any physical discomforts, check for the temperature first. If it’s okay, then it could be due to colic pain. Give some tummy time and if the cry is persistent, try the medicine for colic pain. It should soothe the baby.

Words From Author

Finally, Patience and calmness are a must-have for every mother, especially while travelling with kids. If you face any situation out of your control, seek help from the airlines. This is only in the worst case. I’m pretty sure such conditions wouldn’t happen. Last but not least, have a happy and safe journey with your little one. Also check out this article on tips for travelling with kids by cabin crew itself.

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