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The Rollercoaster Ride of New Motherhood – When Postpartum Anxiety Crept in!

Hello to all the amazing moms and soon-to-be moms out there! This is my little corner on the internet where I am sharing the ups, downs, and delightful spirals of motherhood. Today, I want to open up about my own experiences and struggles, especially dealing with postpartum anxiety, and how I’ve navigated the beautiful chaos that comes with a new baby. My hope is that my story can offer comfort, and perhaps a bit of guidance, to anyone walking this incredible path.

The Unexpected Twists of Motherhood

When I first found out I was going to be a mom, my heart was flooded with joy. But soon, the enormity of the change began to dawn on me. Every little hiccup felt monumental, particularly with feeding my darling Betu. There were days she fed well and other times she simply wasn’t interested, and each deviation from the “norm” sent me into a panic. Despite this, my desire to breastfeed kept me going. It wasn’t just about nourishment; it was a promise I felt I needed to keep to myself and to Betu.

Battling Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum anxiety hit me hard. The constant worry that something might go wrong was exhausting and, ironically, it began affecting my milk supply, which only added to my stress. I remember feeling like I was stuck in a loop of anxiety and guilt. I wanted to be the supermom who could handle anything for her child, but some days I barely felt adequate.

Finding My Strength

Over time, I’ve learned that being strong doesn’t mean you aren’t scared or that you don’t struggle. Strength is about continuing to try, even when everything inside you is telling you it’s too hard. I continued to breastfeed Betu, not just because of the nutritional benefits, but because it was our special time together, a moment of peace in the chaos.

A New Perspective on Motherhood

Motherhood reshaped my world. Yes, there were sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and days where my house seemed like a disaster area. But there were also moments of profound joy and love that I had never known before. I realized that motherhood wasn’t about confinement to one room or one role; it was about expanding my heart and my life in ways I had never imagined.

Balancing Act

Maintaining a balance between being Betu’s mom and fulfilling my other roles as a partner, a daughter-in-law, and a professional was challenging. I worked right up until the last month of my pregnancy and returned to my job with the same dedication as before. It required a lot of juggling and some days were overwhelming, but each day brought its own small victories.

A Message to Other Moms

To all the mothers out there feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Each of us has our own battles, but in each other, we find a community. Remember, it’s okay to have tough days when you feel like you can’t get it all done. It’s okay to feel like you’re not the picture-perfect mom you see on social media. Our best is enough, and our love for our children shines brightest.

My biggest piece of advice? Be kind to yourself, mommas. Soak up all the magical first moments with your sweet baby, but don’t beat yourself up over the hard ones. Enlist help from your partner, your mom, anyone who can give you a break to reset. And most importantly, silence that voice telling you to be supermom. You’re already superwoman just by showing up for your little one day after day.

I’m still riding these coasters of postpartum life right alongside all of you. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because through all the twists and turns, watching my Betu grow and thrive makes every loop worthwhile.

We’re in this together, mama warriors! Sending you all so much love and solidarity.

With love,

One Tired but Grateful Mama

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