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Self Sleep Training Methods & Guide By A Mommy Blogger

When a woman becomes a mother, many changes occur in her life. Most mothers take care of their baby’s every need, like when to sleep her baby? When to feed the infant? Infants are so small that they depend on others for their every need. An infant wakes up several times during the night, disturbing the mum’s sleep. Most moms think, “When will my baby sleep through the night?” Here are some tried & tested methods for self sleep training for your kids.

Did you know none of us sleeps throughout the night? Yes! It is correct! Two to three times, everyone wakes up in the night. I wake up many times in the night, sometimes drinking water and sometimes drinking coffee! Well, this is my habit. But let me tell you in the same way, every child and adult also gets up in the nighttime.

Tested Methods For Self Sleep Training

Don’t wonder how your baby sleeps through the night? Your purpose isn’t really to make your baby sleep through the night but to teach them how to calm themselves when they wake up at night. Keep Reading!

Wait For The Right Time!

Patience is very important in parenting. Do you start teaching how to sleep independently right after your kid is born? No, right? Choosing the right age for self sleeping training is also a challenging task because every child has a different pattern of sleeping and waking up.

Many questions come to mind; one of them is- “How do I know if my baby is ready for sleep training?” Yes! If you want to teach your kids about sleep training, they should be completely ready for it! Along with this, you should also take all the preparations ready.

In my case, when my daughter, Akshita, was six months old, I was committed to giving her sleep training. And I got success. Giving sleep training to children is difficult but not impossible. You have to commit to it and start training your youngster at the right time. Most kiddies are ready for it when they turn six months.

Establish A Bedtime Routine

The primary and most crucial point of self sleep training is implementing the correct sleeping routine for your kid. Therefore, set your kid’s routine as soon as possible so that they get used to this routine and don’t disturb you much while sleeping. I started working on Akshita’s routine for three months.

Choose That Suits Your Little One

Always choose the option for sleep training that suits your baby. The method other mothers are adopting doesn’t need to be suitable for your child. If the child does not adopt a method for a long time, you should talk to your paediatrician or experienced mothers in your family to switch to another method. Here are some Winter Skin Care Tips For Kids – Protect Your Child’s Skin in Cold Weather.

Self Sleep Training Needs Feeding Trick

This method is good for mommies who can’t see their baby crying. The baby rarely cries in this method, gradually becoming habituated to the natural sleep pattern. You have to do this-

  • Feed the baby well.
  • Take the baby in your lap and sing the lullaby slowly; your baby will fall asleep sooner.
  • Reduce your time; gradually, your baby will fall asleep automatically.

In this method, you need to have some patience. It may take some time initially, but your baby will learn to sleep independently with this.

Comforting Is Important

Many experts believe that letting baby’s cry harms them. You have to make a schedule and follow it strictly. You have to make sure that your baby’s tummy is full. Make your baby feel that it is sleep time; you can use any special words. I used to tell Akshita, “it’s nappy time”. Say similar words before your kid’s bedtime. Repeat the exact words even if the child wakes up at midnight. Your infant will automatically know when to sleep, and you will not have to work too hard to give self sleep training.

Make The Little One Feel That You Are Nearby

Reassure your child that you are always there near them. Put the infant in the crib and when the kid does not fall asleep, sit nearby. Please don’t talk. Gradually increase your distance from your youngster every time. You will see that your baby can sleep without you. At one time, you no longer need to be in the room where your baby is sleeping. This method can be a bit tricky if you can’t see your baby crying at all. However, it can be a good option for working parents who seriously want their kids to sleep independently.

Ensure the room temperature, and lighting is appropriate to give the baby a comfortable sleep. If the room temperature is too hot or cold, it can disrupt your baby’s sleep.

How Much Time Will Self Sleep Training Take?

Sleep training takes a different time for every kid, depending on the child’s temperament. Some children adapt to it faster than others. Most sleep training should be continued for at least a week and practised consistently.

My kid learned it very soon. The more a kid is attached to the parents, the less time it takes to train them. To give your baby self sleep training, you also need an active day and good night sleep yourself, so here is the sleep training guide for adults.

Bottom Line

It is essential to give self sleep training to your child to learn to sleep on their own, and you also get a chance to sleep at night. However, it is important to understand that every child may react differently. The youngster is often so active that the parents do not have to use any technique. Remember, a perfect strategy for a child may not necessarily be right for another.

Do not pressure the child or get tense if your little one cannot learn. Don’t compare your child’s development with others. If your baby does not sleep for a long time at night and frequently wakes up and cries, then you should talk to your doctor. If your baby cries at night, he/she may be hungry or need a diaper change. And always consult your paediatrician If the baby cries for a long time.

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