Why Does Everyone Assume Cesarean is Easy?

Breaking the Silence: Did My Cesarean Birth An Easy Way Out?

Dear Fellow Mamas,

As I sit here cradling my sweet Anaaya, memories of her birth wash over me like gentle waves. For months, I had envisioned her arrival – the excitement, the joy, the unspeakable love. But my journey to motherhood was one filled with unexpected challenges that shook me to my core.

When the doctors warned of complications and recommended an emergency C-section, fear gripped me instantly. Questions raced through my mind – was my baby okay? What would the recovery be like? But most weightily, I worried about the judgments I would inevitably face from our society that so deeply values natural birth.

The day Anaaya was born, as I lay on that operating table, bright lights beaming down, my brave husband Raj never left my side, his voice and touch anchoring me through the chaos. When I finally heard her first cries, tears streamed down my face. She was here, she was real, she was perfect. Holding my tiny daughter for the first time, inhaling her newborn scent, I thought my heart might burst with love.

But then the harsh realities of a C-section birth hit. The agonizing recovery, where simply sitting up or walking brought searing pain. The struggles to establish breastfeeding, leaving me wracked with mom guilt. And the insensitive comments, even from loved ones – “Oh, you took the easy way out with that C-section.” “Tsk, didn’t let nature take its course.”

One relative went so far as to say, “You’ll never really understand a mother’s strength since you didn’t give birth the normal way.” Her words Cut me deeply, as if I was somehow less for the circumstances surrounding Anaaya’s birth. Easy? There was nothing easy about being unable to hold or properly care for my newborn daughter as I recovered.

Those first few months were some of the loneliest of my life. I put on a brave smiling face, but inside I silently mourned the joyous newborn experience I had envisioned, marred by judgment, physical pain, and mental trauma. Until one day, Raj could sense my despair and enveloped me in his arms as I broke down in tears. He had been my unwavering rock, but he urged me to seek sisterhood and support from other mamas.

And so I started a new moms group in our apartment community – a tiny village for us to share our birthing stories, our struggles, our triumphs. Week after week, I heard stories of emergency C-sections, traumatic labors, heartbreaking losses. But most importantly, I saw the reverence we all held for motherhood in any form it takes.

One mama named Seema had an emergency C-section after laboring for 36 hours, but she glowed when she talked about holding her twins. Pooja teared up recounting her difficult vaginal birth, the trauma of it all, but thanked the goddesses every day for her son. We came to realize that however our babies arrived, they made us mothers – strong, resilient, fierce mothers.

So to all my fellow mamas, those who have been on this journey and those still waiting, please hear this. Our initiation into motherhood may look different, but our love for our children shines equally bright. How they came into this world matters so little compared to the eternal bond we share.

Do not let societal ignorance or archaic judgments taint your birth story. You are a warrior, never forgotten. It does not matter whether birthed for 5 minutes or 5 days, vaginally or surgically – we are sisters united in our sacrifices to bring life into this world.

I see you, in all your unique, badass motherhood glory. And I am here, always, to uplift and embrace you as you write your own fierce story.

With immense love and solidarity,


Radhika Mishra

Hi, I'm Radhika, an Indian mom on a mission to inspire and empower women to achieve financial independence. Growing up, I was never taught how to manage money, but after facing financial struggles as a married mother of two, I decided to take control of my financial future. Through hard work, determination, and a lot of learning, I transformed my life and achieved financial independence. Today, I'm passionate about sharing my journey and insights with others, so they too can take control of their finances and build a better future for themselves and their families. Join me as I continue to inspire and empower women on their own paths to financial freedom.

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