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Storytelling For Kids – Why Is It The Most Important Part Of Routine?

Kids, they’re strangely the tornadoes which bring pleasure to your life! While they can make you tired and sleepy, they can also make it so hard for you to get them to sleep! There comes the traditional, and a forever, and ofcourse their favorite way, to put your children to sleep, STORYTELLING FOR KIDS.

Benefits of Storytelling & Some Expertise Tips

Storytelling is not as a piece of a cake as it looks. But, it is sure a successful one, once you know what kind of stories your kid likes, what all customizations you need to do for your special one! 😅


You can learn some of them, or you could even read those out to them. But, believe me, You, as a parent, will start finding joy in reading them with your little one. And while we are at it, I must say, it will get magical if you get your child to read them out for you! Check out our another blog post on Positive Discipline & how you can getting your child to listen.


Storytelling for kids is a thoughtful process. Tell your child once in a while to tell you a story with his own imagination. Believe me, that will bring you endless joy, seeing his creativity and presence of mind. You will be able to interact with your kid’s Thoughts and Mind directly. You will know what mindset your child is having at a particular time, and hence will be able to tackle a problem at its earliest, if there’s any, with his thought process.

Draw & Have Fun

Tell your precious one to draw an outline for his story that he wants to tell. Guess his thoughts, and watch him so adorably correct you with the story he was thinking. You will be able to improve upon your understanding of your kid.

Another way to include drawing is, Ask him to interpret the one story you drew out for him; you will be surprised to know a totally different tangent, or maybe variable numbers of tangents your child is able to present in front of you. Reward him for all that thinking he just did.


Storytelling for kids is a creative process on its own, which helps you grow together with your baby. You can always improvise, add your creativity, your thoughts according to your child’s needs and preferences.

Trust me; you will be ascending with joy on the way to understanding your baby.

The one thing that is so lovely about storytelling for kids is that you will be able to spend time with your child, and at the same time, you will be teaching him the importance of spending time with his parents before going to bed.

Reward him with each story he just made up, for each story he just interpreted, with a bonus if he comes up with some extraordinary thoughts.

Let Him Feel Important

Tell your child what all your learned from him today. Don’t just tell morals to your kid for him to learn, rather tell him that you also learned this one thing from his story or his thought. Tell him you appreciate him for giving you that moral of the story. Also, tell him how it helps you in life.

That appreciated feeling really will give your child the most important push to do more of the good work. Storytelling for kids gives them knowledge on how important an appreciation is in our lives. Also, read here Why we need more folktales instead of superhero stories?


When you and your little one are so addicted to storytelling, you both will love it as a part of your routine. Most importantly, you will create that special bond in the process.

Then start incorporating your routines into your stories; tell your kid to make up a story using a good work or a selfless deed he did today while you are telling him the same. You will not realize how you lay down principles for his lifetime and the guidance you never imagined you could give him. Because as they say, Examples teach you the best!

Change Is Important

Don’t forget to bring out different genres and concepts for the daily stories. Some comedies for him to laugh at, some sane and some insane, some logical ones for the morals, and most importantly, some emotional ones.

You will be overwhelmed once your child starts expressing the emotions he felt while listening to your story or telling his own. That will help develop his Amygdala, the emotional window of our brain, which helps us feel them, helps us channelize them, and send them to the cerebrum, the intelligent one of our brain!

He will learn to join the dots, from the story you told him today, with the one you told days back, and that with the one even more days back. It will help develop his brain and a healthy mind with a logical thought process.

Storytelling for kids brings out practicality into your child’s life.

  • Let him develop, pave his own ways.
  • Let him pick what he likes, from your stories, by himself.
  • Let him grow with you, learn from you effortlessly.
  • Lastly, No one but you know your kid in the best possible ways.

List of Amazing Storytelling Books For Kids

Panchatantra Stories

The Panchatantra is a collection of Indian short stories. Moral principles are instilled in children through the stories in a delicate and enjoyable manner. Enjoy the stories, in which plants and animals can also communicate with humans.

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365 Moral Stories

Stories teach us good morals as well as transporting us into a world of imagination. 345 moral values Stories provide a unique storey for each day of the year, as well as a lesson to be learned from it. Immerse yourself in the amazing world of stories, and every day discover a new moral! You’re going to learn a lot after 365 stories! Allow the reading and learning to begin.

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101 Animal Stories with Moral

Moral stories are an excellent way to teach listeners, particularly young children, how to respond to various events in life. Children who read or listen to the stories have an easier time comprehending more difficult subjects. They are even more enthralled by these stories when they discover that the animals have human-like traits, such as wearing clothes, talking, and having feelings. ‘101 Animal Moral Stories’ is a collection of the best stories that teach life lessons in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.

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365 Nature Stories

365 nature stories is a one-of-a-kind collection of little stories about animals and birds, as well as trees and the environment. And there’s more. It introduces kids to the strange, odd, enigmatic, and bizarre aspects of nature. These nature stories will not only educate them with fascinating facts and knowledge, but they will also fascinate and enthral them with their endless humour and variety. The entire natural world in all of its splendour.

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Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Many of us are still enthralled by memories of a grandmother narrating tales about animals and enigmatic beings. Grandma’s Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty is a joy. Anand, Krishna, Raghu, and Meena arrive at their grandparents’ house in Shiggaon at the opening of the storey. Ajji opens her large bag of stories, everyone gathers around her. She relates tales about kings and cheaters, princesses and onions, monkeys and mice, scorpions, and lost treasures.

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Author’s Take on Storytelling

Explore all of these things together and do the needed Additions/subtractions; all in all, lots and lots of customizations. And it will be so great if those customizations are shared with all of us here. Because you never know what might come useful to a particular Mother-kiddo duo.

Remember, your Mother-kiddo duo is unique. Hence, make it even more beautiful by bringing the storytelling for kids into your routine. Also, Don’t forget to share how you liked the all exciting hacks for storytelling for kids.

Here’s to all the Beautiful and Brave parents!!

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