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Innovative & Indoor DIY Activities For Toddlers – Spend Time & Bond Together

Many mommies don’t want to invest much in buying toys or spend too much time in the market but still want some learnings for their children with fun at no or minimal cost. So, keeping all these things in mind, we are here with some DIY activities ideas that can be done at home with minimal investment and without roaming around in the market. Also, these are very quick and easy activities.

DIY activities give your child self-confidence, make him independent and develops fine motor skills with fun. In addition, these activities make them engaged. They might not be aware that they are learning some new concepts along with playing. Parallel, it will make mommies also very creative and innovative.

The best part of the kid is that they love repetition. So probably you can repeat many of these DIY activities several times each week or fortnight as they don’t complain much.

List Of DIY Activities

Let’s begin with the hope that you and your kid will enjoy this list of activities.

Hammer and Snacks

Setup Requirement

  1. Take a zip lock transparent bag
  2. Add some Roasted Makhanas or fox nuts and Rice Puffs in the zip lock bag and zip it.
  3. Give a hammer to your child and ask him to hit the Makhanas and Rice puffs with the hammer and hit all the snacks inside the bag.


Develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and develops patience. This activity gives them a lot of fun, and most importantly, a healthy, quick child made snacks.

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Peeling Fruits or Eggs

Setup Requirement

  1. Take any fruits or vegetables like orange, Banana, sweet lime, half-cut pomegranate or green peas.
  2. Give two bowls to the child, one bowl for peeling the eatable and keeping aside the peels and the second bowl for keeping the eatable.
  3. Now give your child a spoon or fork to eat with.
  4. You can also do this activity with boiled eggs.


Development of Motor Skills, kids become independent, and most importantly, they enjoy the fruit of their labour.

Pom Pom Sorting

Setup Requirement

  1. Take 6 empty bowls or empty cartons of the same size
  2. Put different colours of Pom Pom in each bowl; alternatively, you can go for different colours of chart paper cuttings to put in the bowls
  3. Give a cloth pin or a tong to your child and ask him to take out the Pom Pom of the colour you are asking for and keep it aside.


These DIY activities improve hand-eye coordination, development of listening skills, and learning colour sorting.

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Icecream Sticks Push

Setup Requirement

  1. Take a cardboard box
  2. Punch it to make multiple holes so that ice cream sticks can slide in it; alternatively, you can also do the same activity with the crayons.


Increases Concentration level and improvement of Hand-eye development.

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Wall For Painting or Cardboard Box Painting

Setup Requirement

  1. Take a big size chart paper of any colour and stick it on the wall alternatively, you can take big size cardboard box for your child so that he can sit inside and do the colouring
  2. Give anything out of crayons, sketch pen, ball pen, ink pen or pencil to your child and ask him to scribble, write or colour only on the chart paper, not on the wall, or he can do it inside the cardboard box


Develops hand gripping power, strengthen hand muscle and saves your wall as well, and it is a very inexpensive DIY activity that kids will enjoy and learn.

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Size Sorter with Spoons

Setup Requirement

  1. Give 3 different sizes of spoons or spatulas to your kids.
  2. Take 3 different boxes of different sizes and ask your kid to keep the big spoon in the first box, the bigger spoon in the second box and the biggest spoon in the third box.


Learning new concepts with fun and without any pressures are one of the main benefits of these DIY activities.

Coloured Pasta and Drawstring

Setup Requirement

  1. Take coloured pasta or if you don’t have it then don’t worry; normal pasta also works and colour it in food colour or take plain pasta.
  2. Take a drawstring and make a big knot at one end so that pasta can not come out of it.
  3. Ask your child to add pasta to the drawstring one by one and form a garland.


Hand-Eye coordination develops concentration and fine motor skills.

Balloon Stamping

Setup Requirement

  1. Take a balloon, blow & tie it.
  2. Take any colour of the kid’s choice or a mix of colours in any bowl or container.
  3. Dip the top of the balloon in colour and stamp it on any paper or wall or drawing book and enjoy the beautiful pattern created by it.


These DIY activities make kids creative and develop self-confidence and motor control to hold the object properly.

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Vegetable and Fruit Sorting

Setup Requirement

  1. Take two empty bowls or containers (one is for fruit, and another is for vegetables) and one plate piled up with a mix of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Pick any one object at a time and ask him to classify it as a fruit or vegetable and place it in the correct container.


Kids learn new concepts and develop classification skills.

Ball Pool and Slide

Setup Requirement

  1. Take an inflatable bathtub and fill it with balls or water.
  2. Take a slider and keep its slider portion in the inflatable tub.
  3. Ask your child to slide and get into the pool.


It is one of the most engaging DIY activities; it engages the child for hours, but don’t leave your child unattended during this activity. Also, it practices mindfulness, Gives relaxation and develops social skills when played with more than one child.

Bath Tub Full of Bubbles & Bath Toys

diy activities

Setup Requirements

  1. Take a bathtub and fill it with soapy water.
  2. Ask your child to sit in it and spend some time giving baths to his toys.


Trust us; if your child is not hydrophobic, this is the most engaging activity. The baby will get a bath, and on the other hand, toys will get washed. Also, it develops sensory skills; the kid becomes tired and sleeps peacefully for long hours.

We know this is not the end, there are many more DIY activities, but we could list down only 11 activities for now.

If you guys also have some suggestions, please drop them in the comment section.

I hope you guys will find this blog helpful and will apply this with your child in your daily activity schedule. Also, read about these 6 chore ideas for responsible toddlers and preschoolers.

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