Indian Parenting Practices

Indian Parenting Practices – What Indian Parents Are Doing Right!

We often hear about the things parents do wrong, but when we look at Indian children excelling across fields all over the world, it makes us ponder the Indian parenting practices that are enabling this success. Many times, while reading magazines or newspapers, we come across inspiring stories of Indian kids achieving remarkable feats, both nationally and internationally. One such story was about the Spelling Bee contests, where Indian-origin kids have been winning titles successively. This got me thinking about the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Importance of Family and Respect for Elders

I believe that right from childhood, Indian kids are taught the importance of family, respect for elders, the significance of prayer, and strong value systems. Gratitude and other virtues are instilled in them within the family itself. Indian parenting practices rooted in conservative nature and cultural values imbibed by the kids are a key factor contributing to their success in life. Most Indian parents ensure that their children abstain from habits like smoking, drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex, as these go against the tenets of our culture and religion.

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The Role of Discipline

Another crucial factor in indian parenting practices is discipline. Indians are simple people and tend to be authoritative towards their kids. Children are pushed to achieve and are rewarded as well as punished. The discipline instilled from childhood helps them become successful adults. Communication between parents and children is quite good. Children can share their problems and trust their parents to provide the best guidance.

The Security of the Indian Family System

The security that the Indian family system provides and the values they imbibe early in life are what help children become successful later. The conclusion I’ve arrived at is that a loving family, whether nuclear or joint, coupled with a strong value system and the belief that elders are always there to watch their back, gives our children the confidence to go out and conquer the world. Also read: Best things about Indian parenting style.

Indian parenting practices, with their emphasis on instilling strong values, discipline, and the security of the family system, seem to be the secret sauce behind the remarkable success of Indian children across various domains. This cultural heritage equips them with the necessary foundation to thrive and excel in their chosen paths.

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